Psycho Killer Jacob Wilkins filled in for the sick Andrew Bogusch this morning.  It was not his crazy killing spree that shocked the group, but rather a trip to Montreal for a “Special Massage”
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HOUSTON NUTT – 10/27/15
CBS Sports college football analyst

“They still have a lot of things they have to do, and they still have a half a season to finish out with an interim coach (Danny Barrett). There’s a lot more movement these days. It used to be you’d wait (until) after the season, but now it happens before the season and in between the season.”
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REX HUDLER – 10/27/15
Royals TV analyst

“Believe me, (the Royals are) going to score some runs. Their fangs are out, they want the crown. If the Mets can beat the Kansas City Royals, I will become a Mets fan for sure.”
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C.J. NITKOWSKI – 10/28/15
CBS and FOX Sports MLB analyst

“That’s how you can go through six innings and Matt Harvey can only throw 80 pitches. He probably should have stayed out there and gone a little longer. Hindsight is 20/20. But that’s kind of the case when you’re facing this lineup. If you come in and you’re trying to strike guys out, you’re probably going to run (into) a little bit of a trouble. We saw Jacob deGrom do the exact same thing against the Chicago Cubs: less fastballs, more off-speed. I have a feeling we’ll see the same thing tonight.”
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TOM HERMAN – 10/28/15
Houston football head coach

“Us as coaches, we don’t look at the big picture a lot of times. We focus on the task at hand: What do I got to do today to get better? What do I got to do today to help us win on Saturday? And so, I don’t know that we even really had any (goal) of, ‘Hey, we want to be at such-and-such mark by Week 8.’ I don’t think that ever occurred to us other than, ‘Hey, we want to put our nose down, we want to install a culture and hopefully the wins will come after that.’”
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RICK HORROW – 10/28/15
Sports business analyst

“It is a spin that baseball puts on it to make sure that people think it’s a popular game, but it’s a tough ticket. If you don’t think so, call your StubHub guys and anybody else that’s selling them.”
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CARL BANKS – 10/29/15
Two-time Super Bowl champion linebacker

“I can tell you how he deals with issue like this. He will take a look at it, he’ll get all the facts and they just prepare accordingly. If it’s one guy or if it’s 20 guys, he’s going to deal with those 20 guys. They’re going to have a conversation. Or if it’s the one guy – which, it happened to be his quarterback – he’ll assess it. And then from that point, (he’ll say), ‘This is what I need you to do. This is what we’re going to do.’ And then he goes in and tells his team, ‘This is what we’re doing. We got to deal with this. That’s not going to impact the 52 other guys in this room. This is what we need you to do, and we’re going to put a plan together and go for it.’”
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CLIFF FLOYD – 10/29/15
Former Met and current MLB Network analyst

“I’ve been in that box. Ninety-seven (miles per hour) is on you quick, especially with his delivery and his mechanics. He’s big and tall on the mound. I don’t know. When you have a team with Kansas City on the ropes, you better beat them and you can’t give them a leadoff walk. Because you give them an inch, they take a mile every single time. We’ve seen it since the first series against Houston.”
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BART SCOTT – 10/30/15
TOPS host

“You saw it last year with Jason Witten getting into it with Dez Bryant on the sideline. You can’t allow a guy like that to be the alpha male. It reminds me of when (Richie) Incognito was the alpha male in Miami. Who has the clout to step up to him and say, ‘Yo, you got to chill out’? (Hardy) smacked the clipboard out of the coach’s hand. Are you kidding me?”
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