Greg Hardy failed to record a sack against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, but he did intercept a pass and was credited with four tackles, one tackle for loss, a pass deflection and three quarterback hits on Russell Wilson.

Not a bad day at the office – especially since Hardy did not get into a verbal or physical altercation with any of his teammates or coaching staff.

“It’s interesting because Greg Hardy could play for me,” Yahoo! Sports NFL analyst Shaun King said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio ad Jones. “I think we don’t like Greg Hardy, so we view what he does in a different light. What’s the difference between what Greg Hardy did and what Brian Kelly did?”

The Notre Dame head coach had a physical exchange with assistant strength and conditioning coach David Grimes during the Irish’s 24-20 win at Temple on Saturday. Kelly grabbed Grimes’ jacket and pushed him back before head strength and conditioning coach Paul Longo stepped between the two. Kelly said afterward that he had to “control the sideline” and pushed Grimes back to avoid a potential 15-yard penalty.

For Brian Jones, that situation is a little different in that this is Kelly’ sixth season at Notre Dame, Grimes played for the Irish and both guys are on staff. Hardy, meanwhile, got physical with a coach just two games into his Dallas tenure. He’s a great football player, Jones said, but he’s a malcontent going about it the wrong way.

“You have every right to have that opinion,” King said. “I just think that’s a part of who Greg Hardy is. That fire, that emotion, I think is what helps him be a great player. I think without it, he probably wouldn’t be as good of a player. So there’s a little give and take there. Me personally, I understand football is an emotional game, so I understand there are right and wrongs and the line gets crossed sometimes during the game. There’s certain guys I expect to cross the line. I just hope that away from the field, away from the Dallas Cowboys, he keeps his life straight and doesn’t get on the wrong side of the law.”

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, who lost 13-12 to Seattle, they’re yet to win a game with Hardy. In fact, they’re yet to win a game without Tony Romo. Dallas (2-5) has lost five straight since Romo fractured his clavicle in Week 2.

His first replacement, Brandon Weeden, proved ineffective; his second replacement, Matt Cassel, is proving the same. Cassel was 13-of-25 for 97 yards on Sunday, as the offense failed to score a touchdown and looked in complete disarray against a game Seattle defense.

“Tony Romo has been so maligned and been the punchline for so many jokes,” King said. “I think it illuminates how good Tony Romo really is – how important he has been to that Dallas success. The offense just looks like it’s in shambles without him, so if I were him, I’d probably go and ask Jerry Jones for more money.”


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