Blaine Gabbert will start for the San Francisco 49ers at home against Atlanta on Sunday, and it’s safe to say that Bart Scott envies every member of the Falcons defense.

“If you’ve ever played against Blaine Gabbert, man, whoever’s out there (going against him) – he might send somebody to the Pro Bowl,” The NFL Today on CBS analyst said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “I’m telling you: I relished the time I could go against him. I know he would burp the baby all day. I could fall, slip, tie my shoe up and he’d still have the ball and get sacked. I mean, talk about a punch in the gut. You’re playing Blaine Gabbert? Oh, man.”

Gabbert has 24 interceptions and 23 touchdowns in 29 career games and has played in just four games since 2012.

Scott expects the Falcons to have a field day Sunday. In fact, he said that if he were on IR and his team were facing Gabbert, he would do anything he could to get on the field.

“Man, I don’t care what kind of injury you got,” Scott said. “You rock-paper-scissors, like, ‘Listen, I’m going to the left. No, I’m going to the left. No, it’s my turn to go.’ You definitely pull your veteran card out. ‘I got to get these stats.’”

Scott was asked if Gabbert is the worst quarterback he ever played against in the NFL.

“Well, I played against JaMarcus Russell,” Scott said. “He was just ill-prepared. Now we understand why – the addiction to codeine, him losing his mentor, really not having any guidance. It’s tough when these young quarterbacks go to these organizations and they’re supposed to be the savior, but they don’t have a support system around them. He didn’t have a veteran that he could learn (from who could) mentor him and come in and teach him how to be a pro. It’s tough because he didn’t have the structure around him.”

If Gabbert and Russell weren’t the worst quarterbacks Scott has faced, Brandon Weeden would likely be next on the list.

Said Scott, “I’m telling you, man: That kept me in the league.”


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