SHAUN KING – 11/2/15
Yahoo! Sports NFL analyst

“I think it illuminates how good Tony Romo really is – how important he has been to that Dallas success. The offense just looks like it’s in shambles without him, so if I were him, I’d probably go and ask Jerry Jones for more money.”
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JON HEYMAN – 11/3/15
CBS Sports MLB insider

“Eventually Bud Black didn’t like the numbers he was hearing. It seemed to be kind of a low-ball offer that they made to him, and they turned to Dusty Baker. Bud Black was informed late (Monday) that they were going in another direction. There was only one other direction and that was Dusty Baker. So they end with a good guy.”
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JAMES BROLIN – 11/3/15

“He was a smart guy. He went to Cal Tech. He, every day, would come home and at 5 o’clock he would pour himself a nice tall Mai Tai with an umbrella and a pineapple and pretend like he’s just celebrating the day. But he’d be just really typsy at night. Never drunk, just silly. So all four of us kids really started our own play to kind of deal with it. We grew up so facetious with each other, so irreverent about all kinds of subjects, and we still do it. So I had this kind of comedy base in my life when I grew up, but I never really got to use it in film all these years.”
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Former Titans LB

“I know he’s not big in the community. He hasn’t been big in the community – and I’m not saying that coaches need to – but I know Nashville is one of those small communities, small cities, and the Titans are a big fixture in the Nashville community. And for the head coach to not really care and reach out to the fans, that’s big. That might be big anywhere, but especially here where a franchise is 15, 16 years old. I can’t really speak for media, but I know that some former players that are in the media have their opinion on Coach Whisenhunt. I never personally met the guy. I met him in Arizona as a free agent back in 2010, so I can’t really say, but I’ve heard pretty much the same things that you just spoke about.”
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SHAUN O’HARA – 11/4/15
NFL Network analyst

“But they gave the Denver Broncos their offer, and Denver said, ‘Nope, that’s too rich.’ So you almost have to commend Ray Farmer for not trading away Joe Thomas for a bad deal. He asked for the moon and they said no, and (the Browns) said, ‘Okay, well thanks for asking.’”
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RANDY CROSS – 11/5/15
CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“Hey, it’s about strength of schedule. It’s about what you’ve done for us lately. I know they’ve got their schedule back-loaded, but what if those games are either blow outs or no-defense-playing 7-on-7 tournaments? How is that going to impress football people? I don’t know even if they (go) undefeated if they’re in a bullet-proof state as far as a team (making the playoff). I know it sounds crazy to say it, but when you’re only playing 12 and everybody else is playing a championship, I just don’t know if there’s any way around having that natural bias. You can call it a championship weekend or do whatever you want, but if it isn’t, it really isn’t.”
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IAN RAPOPORT – 11/5/15
NFL Network insider

“He had a rib issue that he was getting treatment on. I was told (it was) not broken. I know other reports are different, but what I was told was it’s not broken. Now he’s healthy. My understanding is right now he’s 100 percent healthy. Now, mentally, I’m not sure that’s the case. I think he’s really battling some things mentally and emotionally, but as far as actually physically, Luck is okay. And now it’s like, if he’s not injured, which he’s not, then what is actually wrong with him? I think that’s the kind of thing the Colts are really going to try to figure out right now with their new off coordinator, Rob Chudzinski.”
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BILL HANCOCK – 11/6/15
College Football Playoff Executive Director

“No, they get along great. It was really fun last year to watch them bond. They’re together in this. It’s kind of a foxhole mentality. They’re in there together, and nobody else in the world knows what they’re thinking and how they react with each other. It’s a remarkable group of smart people who love the game and they’re so dedicated to what they’re doing.”
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BART SCOTT – 11/6/15
The NFL Today on CBS analyst

“He was just ill-prepared. Now we understand why – the addiction to codeine, him losing his mentor, really not having any guidance. It’s tough when these young quarterbacks go to these organizations and they’re supposed to be the savior, but they don’t have a support system around them. He didn’t have a veteran that he could learn (from who could) mentor him and come in and teach him how to be a pro. It’s tough because he didn’t have the structure around him.”
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