Troy Aikman had quite the Dallas Cowboys career. Twelve seasons, six Pro Bowls, three Super Bowl championships and one Super Bowl MVP.

That’s a heck of a resume.

Aikman retired in 2000, and it seems the Cowboys are still trying to rekindle the success they had during the prime of his career. Now a lead analyst for NFL on FOX, Aikman, 48, wishes well for his former team, but it’s been tough to see how the Cowboys have handled the Greg Hardy fiasco.

Jerry Jones has stood by Hardy, even as sideline altercations, distasteful comments and incriminating photos add insult to injury to a team that has lost six straight. How would Aikman have handled this situation?

“Well, it’s always easier to say, ‘Well, here’s what I would have done,’ and I guess you never really know unless you’re the guy who’s actually in the seat making those decisions,” Aikman said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “But I don’t know. There’s a lot of people who steered away from Greg Hardy. Certainly in Carolina, where the coaching staff really obviously thought a lot of him because of his ability to rush the passer. I’ve been told that Ron Rivera wanted him to return to the football team, but Jerry Richardson, the owner, wasn’t going to have it. There’s other owners around the league that weren’t going to have it. There were just a couple of teams that really showed an interest, and certainly the Cowboys have had a history in excepting players’ baggage if they can perform on the field. So I’m not surprised by it at all.

“What was disappointing to me,” Aikman continued, “was (Jones’ reaction) following the altercation on the sidelines between Hardy and the special teams coach Rich Bisaccia. To have Jerry Jones come out and to say not only is he okay with the behavior but (that) he encourages it (and that) he was a respected leader within the locker room (wasn’t good). As someone who played for the organization and knows the history of the organization and some of the great men that represented the Cowboys and the star on the helmet, I thought those comments were unfortunate.”


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