After writing “innocent until proven guilty” on his Twitter bio, Greg Hardy, it is clear, does not get it.

The only question is, will he ever?

“I don’t see how,” NFL Network and NFL on FOX analyst Charles Davis said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “I just don’t see where that flips. You get to a certain age, and sometimes we’ve seen guys have trouble all along the way and then they get it at a certain point. I think we’re beyond that stage.”

Greg Hardy is 27 years old.

“I hate to say that because I never like to quote-unquote give up on anyone, but let’s just use the word ‘heinous,’” Davis said. “When you say ‘Greg Hardy,’ you think heinous things, and he’s put a lot of people in a very, very difficult position. Let’s say people love the Cowboys and have loved them their whole life. It is a killer for people to watch the Cowboys, a team that they love, you’re cheering, you’re cheering, (and then you realize), ‘Oh, did Greg Hardy get that sack?’ Roger Staubach just said it yesterday: I cheer for the Cowboys, but I can’t cheer for Greg Hardy. Let me bring in . . . comedian Chris Rock (and what he said) about rap music: Love rap music, (but it’s) hard to defend with some of the lyrics that come rolling out. That’s where you are with this one. You love the Cowboys, (but they’re) hard to defend.”

Dallas head coach Jason Garrett has reportedly had numerous sit-down meetings with Hardy, but those seem to have had no effect. Owner Jerry Jones, meanwhile, continues to downplay Hardy’s transgression on and off the field.

The sad thing? Technically, the Cowboys aren’t doing anything wrong.

“He has a right to play,” Davis said. “People forget that the suspension was 10 games. It got reduced to four games. So the league wanted to go for 10. I’m not trying to defend the league because most of the time there’s a lot of stuff I can’t find defensible, but they went for 10, and by the process, it was brought down to four. So he has a right to that, and he’s out there playing and doing it. It’s just that every time Greg Hardy makes a move, opens his mouth, tweets (or does anything), he makes it worse and worse – not just for himself, but for everyone around him who brought him in and thought that this would be an okay idea.”

The Cowboys (2-6) are 0-4 with Hardy in the lineup and 0-6 since Tony Romo’s collarbone injury.

“By the way, is Tony Romo maybe the most valuable quarterback in the league now?” Davis wondered. “All those years of criticizing him from everyone – they haven’t won a game since he got hurt. Greg Hardy has been back since then. He hasn’t made enough plays to change around heir record. So you’re getting all this criticism, trouble – everything – and you’re not getting wins for it. That’s even worse for the Cowboys.”


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