DALE HANSEN – 11/9/15
WFAA-TV Dallas sports anchor

“So the bottom line is, unless (Hardy) just does something egregious, outrageous, maybe hits another woman, that might do it. And I absolutely emphasize the word ‘might’ do it. But other than that, I just don’t see any way possible that Jerry Jones would ever decide it’s not worth (having Hardy), and the disturbing part to me is, I don’t think he’s worth it. I feel pretty confident that the Cowboys could be 2-6 and have lost six games in a row if they hadn’t signed Greg Hardy. So he’s not helping the Cowboys win any games.”
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MIKE JONES – 11/10/15
Former Missouri and NFL LB

“They were going to be tough decisions. I’m not going to say they were right or wrong, but they’re tough decisions that they had to make. They made a decision, they stuck with it and that’s what I was proud about – them staying together. It’s not easy for young men to make a decision like that and stay together, and that’s what they did.”
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TROY AIKMAN – 11/10/15
FOX NFL analyst

“What was disappointing to me was (Jones’ reaction) following the altercation on the sidelines between Hardy and the special teams coach Rich Bisaccia. To have Jerry Jones come out and to say not only is he okay with the behavior but (that) he encourages it (and that) he was a respected leader within the locker room (wasn’t good). As someone who played for the organization and knows the history of the organization and some of the great men that represented the Cowboys and the star on the helmet, I thought those comments were unfortunate.”
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MATT RHULE – 11/11/15
Temple head coach

“I think it’s like anything else. It’s just reality. It’s an opportunity for me to tell them how much I love this job here and why I believe Temple is such a great job, but it also gives a lot of respect to our players and all of our coaches and our administration because they’ve allowed this to happen. They’ve allowed us to be successful. When those things happen, those questions start to come up.”
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NATE BOYER – 11/11/15
Green Beret, former NFL long snapper

“I honestly didn’t even know what a long snapper was. When I got to the team, I was like, ‘Oh, there’s a guy that does just that? That just snaps on field goals and punts?’ I didn’t know.”
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CHARLES DAVIS – 11/12/15
NFL Network and NFL on FOX analyst

“All those years of criticizing him from everyone – they haven’t won a game since he got hurt. Greg Hardy has been back since then. He hasn’t made enough plays to change around heir record. So you’re getting all this criticism, trouble – everything – and you’re not getting wins for it. That’s even worse for the Cowboys.”
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JACK FORD – 11/12/15
60 Minutes Sports and CBS News correspondent

“New York, the language is a little hazy. It’s not very precise. . . . The state says . . . that skill is a factor here. It combines with elements of chance and contingent events. . . . So really, if you look at the language, it’s not terribly precise, which I think has given rise to this whole problem.”
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BART SCOTT – 11/13/15
The NFL Today on CBS analyst

“It would have looked unauthentic. It wouldn’t have went over well with your team because that’s not you. People can see through that. If it’s not you, don’t go outside of your character. That’s how Rex rolls. He’s comfortable with that. He’s comfortable with the scrutiny that comes along with that. His team can go around with that.”
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