Co-host of Gio And Jones on CBS Sports Radio and CBS Sports Network college football analyst Brian Jones shared the inside scoop on a number of storylines that could reshape the college football landscape.

Among the alleged storylines: Les Miles is on the seat, LSU has reached out to Jimbo Fisher as a possible replacement, there is only a 50/50 chance that Charlie Strong returns to Texas next season and the Longhorns intend to once again go after Nick Saban.

First things first. Jones heard that Miles is “coaching for his job,” as the school is “really unhappy” with his recent performances and is “wanting a coaching overhaul.” LSU has not beaten Alabama since 2011 and has been pushed around by Arkansas two years in a row.

“It’s very real,” Jones said of the Miles hot-seat rumors. “It was leaked. Only four or five people are aware of what’s going on with Les Miles at LSU. It was put out there on purpose, the fact that he’s in trouble.”

Strong, meanwhile, had denied rumors that he is interested in the Miami job, saying he’s got a program to build at Texas. That, however, may not be the whole story.

“It’s come to me that someone in his camp may or may not have reached out to Miami prior to the Oklahoma game when Charlie was really feeling it,” Jones said. “Since that ball game, he’s feeling it again, the heat. But there are a number of layers to this one. One, prior to the Oklahoma game once again, someone in his camp may have reached out to Miami to see if there’s an interest. Two, Charlie was undercut by his former athletic director. It’s well reported about Steve Patterson, the things he did. He was nickel-and-diming the program, he wasn’t paying quality assistant coaches what they deserved. So Charlie is still a little perturbed about that. Additionally, Coach Strong and his staff haven’t really endeared themselves to the Texas high school coaches and it was pretty much a slap in the face when they said a year ago we’re going to go to Florida and do the bulk of our recruiting.”

If Strong is fired or resigns? Yes, the Longhorns will make a call to Tuscaloosa.

“There will be another run at Mr. Saban,” Jones said. “They will break the bank. Whatever it takes.”


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