Bart Scott dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones on Friday to discuss this weekend’s NFL slate, but he also needed to defend his recent wardrobe choice on The NFL Today.

Or, as Brian Jones put it: “Explain that green-ass suit last week.”

“Oh man, see, y’all don’t understand how gangster that was,” the former NFL linebacker said. “First of all, let me tell you something: That suit is not half as green as you guys think. The lights from the studio made it jump out and made it glow (and) look like it was toxic, like it was nuclear. In actuality, the suit actually had black fabric within it. So what happened is, when you put the light on it, it makes it pop. I’ve never had to come on air and defend myself for the way I dress because I think I’m one of the more dapper dudes on the show.”

Jones cut Scott some slack, as he knows firsthand that suits sometimes look one way at home but another way in studio.

“So you understand,” Scott said. “But see, I’m confident that if you go over my shows from last year to this year, I’ll put my suit game up against anybody’s.”


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