JORDAN GROSS – 11/16/15
Former Panthers lineman, current sideline analyst

“This team, in my final season in 2013, we went 12-4, won the division and lost after a first-round bye to the 49ers. Last year, the team somehow won the division with a losing record and they won a playoff game and lost in the second round. So you can be 9-0, 10-0, 16-0, but if this team doesn’t get at least to the NFC Championship Game, then in everybody’s opinion that’s in and around the team, I think is definitely going to be a disappointment.”
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Big Ten Network analyst

“Otherwise, they’re not going to be in the playoff. They have two huge games coming up over the next two weeks. They’re going to have an opportunity to really, I think, solidify their place. You talk about the competition obviously going to be raised. You can look at their resume, and I think it’s just one of those teams that just passes the eye test. I think when you go into that committee room, they’ll tell you probably just how talented this team really is. Much the way we’ve seen Alabama over the last couple of weeks really hit their stride offensively and defensively, much is going to be expected of this same Ohio State team. Starting this week, they expect this team to really start to look the part. Otherwise, I think they’re going to start to take a hit in the polls.”
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Northwestern head coach

“At the end of the day, that’s all that you can control. What would be good is if you put those 8-2 records together and do a little blind thing with the team that we beat earlier in the year and who they’ve beaten . . . and you’ll see just why it doesn’t matter right now and why it’ll matter at the end of the year. We’ve got two more big games and the only one that matters is this one this weekend.”
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JOE THEISMANN – 11/19/15
Super-Bowl winning QB

“But as it turns out, they stopped them and made them kick the field goal, which only made the job a little bit easier. You give Tom a minute-and-49-seconds, I don’t care where you start him from. Remember: the first three passes he threw gained no yards whatsoever – (and then he won the game).”
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Fox Sports college football analyst

“I’m looking at not just the body of work for this year. You’re Clemson. You will be undefeated, and if Notre Dame plays Clemson significantly closer in a close loss, that’s a good loss for them. Oklahoma will have defeated a TCU and a Baylor team without their (intended starting quarterbacks). So what I’m saying (is) they’re going to devalue what Oklahoma does down the stretch. At least that’s what I would assume they would do based on what they’ve done so far.”
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DENNIS DODD – 11/20/15 senior college football columnist

“I think there will be factions at Miami that’ll go, ‘Wait  a minute. We’re hiring a 4-8 coach?’ Even though he’s got great roots there, he’s a great recruiter, yeah, that will be a factor. I think there was a time there when they were all over Mario Cristobal, the offensive line coach at Alabama, and that may still be the way they go. But there are so many factions, so many people wanting a piece of the pie, wanting to get the job. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing. I’m just saying (the powers that be) have to come together to get one guy.”
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BART SCOTT – 11/20/15
The NFL Today on CBS analyst

“But see, I’m confident that if you go over my shows from last year to this year, I’ll put my suit game up against anybody’s.”
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