TOMMY BOWDEN – 11/30/15
ACC Network analyst

“They’re not busting coverages. They really gave up a lot of big plays last year, and they’re tackling a lot better when you’re watching them play last year compared to this year. Now, some of those guys are a year older. That was going to come with the maturity. But I think right now what he’s done, he’s put up schemes there and a confidence level and obviously a teaching method that doesn’t allow those guys to bust coverages. Those were two huge things they did last year. If you don’t give you the big plays, you’re not going to give up the points.”
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Big Ten Network analyst

“They match up with Alabama. I think Michigan State and Ohio State are better equipped for the national championship than Clemson. I think Oklahoma is probably a little bit underrated, so I think that’s a tough draw. But I would put Michigan State first and Ohio State second up against anybody that’s in the national-championship conversation, and I think it’s a fair matchup.”
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GRANT HILL – 12/2/15
Former NBA All-Star

“You saw in Philadelphia last night, the crowd there hated him for so many years, hated his success, hated maybe his entitled air about himself once he stepped on the court. But I think now that he’s coming to an end, there is a love fest and an appreciation. We all are attracted to success and to winners and Kobe has certainly been that. But it takes having sort of a jerk mindset to be great, and he did that and he was successful. He knew what he wanted, he went for it and he kind of grew up in front of us. I think through all the stuff he’s been through, he’s at a point now where he’s in a different place and he’s appreciated for what he’s done.”
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CBS Sports college football analyst

“They’ll make the wave up every once in awhile when they have a senior-laden team or a hot quarterback and be good and they’ll say, ‘Let’s move on to basketball season.’ This conference has six, seven or eight schools where good isn’t good enough. They want to be great at football. I think that’s what’s unique about the SEC. Now, did LSU handle it well? Heavens no. But I do not have a problem with anybody in any business risking the status quo of good to be great – and there’s no guarantees when you want to be great.”
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DAN WETZEL – 12/3/15
Yahoo! Sports columnist

“Everyone loves this. Ohio State wouldn’t have gotten a chance last year. Last year’s BCS would have been Florida versus Alabama. Alabama probably would have won that game considerably. It just was not a great Florida State team. They’re undefeated – and because they’re undefeated, they would have gotten in. We would have had a totally different champion and probably a very unexciting thing. Instead we had an awesome deal.”
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BART SCOTT – 12/4/15
CBS NFL Today analyst

“You support him as a teammate and tell him what he needs to do and what the organization is expecting from him and try to just keep giving him the same message. Let him understand that he’s in a unique position, but at some point, they will wash their hands of you and it’s hard to get second opportunities once you’re labeled a certain type of player or certain type of person. In this league, perception is reality.”
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“We’ve done movies together, we’ve done plays together, we’ve directed each other in plays and in films – he’s one of my closest friends, so naturally its something I wanted to be a part of. I really liked the role that he offered me, which is the older brother of the lead character, who is played by Vincent Piazza. He’s this young guy who desperately wants to be a gangster, although he’s kind of delusional about his ability to get into that world. (I’m) his older brother who inherited the family florist business who’s trying to keep him out of trouble basically.”
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