Emmy-winning tech guru Katie Linendoll dropped by CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones on Wednesday to discuss numerous topics, including holiday gadgets, the new Star Wars movie and the end of humanity as we know it (not really, but kind of).

But humanity can wait. First, a little Star Wars talk.

“I don’t think they have a choice to screw this up,” Linendoll said of The Force Awakens, which premiers this week. “I think (they’ve) had ample time. (They’ve) had a $200 million budget. For fans, there is no option here, and I guess it’s coming back highly reviewed.”

Linendoll delved into the tech world a bit (visit katie.show for more information), before Brian Jones asked her an obscure question about HTC phones.


“Let me tell you something: This girl is one human being,” Linendoll said, prompting hearty laughter from Gio and Jones. “It cracks me up. People are like, ‘I have an electric toothbrush and it’s not working right.’ I’m like, ‘Just because it plugs in or turns on does not mean I have an answer to it. I am one physical human being and I do my best to test out everything, but I don’t know anything about your electric lawn mower, your relative’s pace maker or your electric toothbrush.’”

Linendoll, who regularly provides tech knowledge on CNN, Fox News and the TODAY Show, among other platforms, also shared some potentially alarming news: robots may replace a lot of human jobs within the next few years.

“This is a conversation in my space that is just ongoing,” she said. “Some of the most notable names in Silicon Valley are actually investing a billion dollars in a thing called OpenAi to create responsible artificial intelligence to benefit humans. This is a legit conversation that we all need to be thinking about. Estimates in studies (predict that) 50 percent of U.S. and U.K. jobs by 2020 (will be) gone to robots.”

But wait, sports talk show hosts won’t be replaced, right? Jones and Gregg Giannotti are safe, right?

“I have seen a lot for robot journalists,” Linendoll said. “It’s very standard and rigid. You’re not going to have that amazing personality that you guys have. But they’ll continue to get smarter, and then you’re screwed.”

Gio and Jones couldn’t believe it, especially Jones. First Linendoll couldn’t answer his HTC question, and now she’s telling him he’ll be out of a job in a few years? Come on!

“Sorry, man, I come bringing bad news,” Linendoll said cheerily. “Happy holidays!”


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