DAVE LAPHAM – 12/14/15
Bengals radio analyst

“Boy, on a big stage, to win national championships, (it was) not too big for him, that’s for sure. I think the players will rally around him, and just like anything, the offensive line has to secure the pocket better and for a longer period of time. Receivers have to run crisper routes. Everybody has to do a little bit more, so nobody has to do a lot. You can’t expect AJ McCarron to do a lot, that’s for sure.”
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CBS Sports NFL insider

“They’re putting up those kind of numbers and that was with Thomas Rawls – an undrafted rookie free agent – running the football, and now he’s even hurt. And it’s with a reconfigured and gerrymandered offensive line that they just kind of threw together. Yeah, the defense has been a little better, but there’s absolutely no doubt in that locker room why they turned their season around: It’s because Russell Wilson is playing the position about as well as it can possibly be played.”
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Tech guru

“Some of the most notable names in Silicon Valley are actually investing a billion dollars in a thing called OpenAi to create responsible artificial intelligence to benefit humans. This is a legit conversation that we all need to be thinking about. Estimates in studies (predict that) 50 percent of U.S. and U.K. jobs by 2020 (will be) gone to robots.”
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TOPS analyst

“I’m sure that helmet companies are trying to do things to make their product a lot safer because I mean, the game of football is a great game. We played it Brian (Jones) and we loved it. It’s an awesome game. As you mentioned when we came into the league, it was a badge of honor if you played after you got your bell rung. You’d line back up and play the next snap. There was no going to the sidelines, you had to be knocked out cold and still you were expected to play the next week or even get back in the game. Times have changed. I feel like they can continue to do more, I’m sure they are looking at all of that, but really it’s going to come down to continued research.”
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BART SCOTT – 12/18/15
CBS NFL Today analyst

“It’s a rivalry. It’s becoming a rivalry. It used to be big brother beating up on little brother, but I think the Bengals have made that step, especially under Andy Dalton, of not being that easy win that you used to have. For the last five years, they’ve been very competitive. That’s when it’s game on. It’s good for football to me.”
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