DAVE LAPHAM – 1/11/16
Bengals radio analyst

“The fan base was throwing bottles of water and cussing Ben Roethlisberger out as he was leaving the field on the cart because he’s injured. Who are they to have an opinion on anything if they’re going to be neanderthal like that? That’s stupid. It’s a football game for God’s sake. People are just out of their mind with the hate that goes on between these two fan bases. That’s gotten out of control as well, but I that’s why they’re called fans, I guess. It comes from fanatic.”
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PHIL SAVAGE – 1/11/16
Alabama radio analyst

“If they just try to play Alabama straight up, I think Bama’s got the better team. But the reality of it is this Clemson team has beaten Ohio State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Florida State over the last number of years. They’ve got a lot of confidence, so I don’t know that it really matters in terms of the experience at this level tonight.”
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TOMMY BOWDEN – 1/12/16
ACC Network analyst

“He selects who he wants there. It is a lot easier. But the pressure there is tremendous. I was born in Alabama and coached at Alabama and Auburn. The pressure is tremendous. I think with what he’s done, you can very easily use his name in the same breath of a Bear Bryant, Joe Paterno, Pop Warner, Alonzo Stagg. I think that’s a name that belongs right in there with them because of what he has accomplished at a place with tremendously high expectations and pressure.”
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IKE TAYLOR – 1/13/16
Former Steelers CB

“You’ve been watching guys have concussions your whole life you’ve been playing football.  You know them motions. That’s a concussion motion. The way he fell, the way his body went limp, the way he stayed down on the ground, those are “right now” symptoms of a concussion. Ain’t no way I’m going to let my emotions get into it and be like ‘Man, he was acting, I saw him wink at me. Stop it.”
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CHRIS HRABE – 1/13/16
KMOX St. Louis radio host

“When you have a group that was appointed by the governor that comes up with a $1.1 billion development here in the city to try to not only keep the team here but also provide something for the city, and the owner still refuses, by their accounts, to communicate with them, yeah, I don’t see how that’s a fair shake. They were kind of fighting an uphill battle the whole way. Again, the thing I keep coming back to is when compared to the efforts of San Diego and Oakland, which were minimal, if anything, (it) certainly doesn’t seem like it was a fair shake. But again, it’s dollars and cents, and because of that, I don’t think anyone should really be surprised.”
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JANE LYNCH – 1/14/16

“She’s completely guile-less, and she is very open about her adoration and mission, which is to make the life of Maggie Lawson’s character awesome. That’s all she wants. That’s all she’s here to do. She took on human form to say, ‘Look, we’re doing to get this right. We’re going to make this the best life.’ And of course she’s resistant to it.”
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IAN EAGLE – 1/14/16
CBS broadcaster

“The fact that Tom Brady has had the season he’s had with that makeshift offensive line, it’s pretty amazing. They’ve had 13 different offensive line combinations this season. That’s nuts. That doesn’t equate to success. San Diego’s had the same (number of combinations). We know where they are right now. There’s a reason you need stability on the O-Line.”
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BART SCOTT – 1/15/16
CBS NFL analyst

“But if you get eight and trade some of those picks to get some players that you want and that you value, (you’ll be fine). And you stay busy in free agency as well. Be savvy and get you eight or nine quality guys, then go out and get some specialists. It’s not such a hard fix. I think in a year or two, they can be right back where they want.”
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