Colin Hanks dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss his sitcom on CBS “Life in Pieces”, which airs Mondays from 8:30-9 p.m. ET.

Hanks plays Greg, the youngest of the Short siblings, and a new father with his wife Jen.

“So Greg and his wife Jen, who’s played by the very funny and talented Zoe Lister-Jones from Brooklyn NY, her and I are the new parents. I’m the youngest of the Short siblings, but I’ve just had a baby. So, our story lines tend to be about a young couple that are adjusting to this new, basically this new life that they have as young parents and how that relates to their relationships with his parents, his sisters, and things of that nature.”

With shows like “Life In Pieces”, many times they’ll deal with “real life” type scenarios and relationships. So, the hosts want to know is it difficult to try and convince the audience of those types of situations actually happening to the characters? Hanks sees the shows as a bit different from other comedies currently on TV.

“Well, no not really, we’re not trying to be supremely realistic you know, we are a comedy first and foremost,” said Colin Hanks who plays Greg in CBS’ “Life In Pieces”. “I think the structure of our show is such that it’s four short stories–and some of them are short, you know, three minutes maybe four minutes long–but instead of breaking those stories up as most shows do, where you have story line A, story line B, and story line C and they sort of intermingle, we just do one story, then next, next, and next. So, when it’s broken up in those pieces, you actually get to live with those characters for four minutes. While that may not seem like a long time, you actually get to live with them a little bit more. You get to see their perspective on stuff, you get to see how they’re interpreting stuff. So, it’s a little bit of a different lens on how to be able to show how a multi-generational family exists and how different they are.”

Hanks is also well known for his role as Gus Grimly in “Fargo”. ¬†Grimly is a police officer and a completely different style of character than the one Hanks plays in “Life in Pieces”. As a veteran of the TV industry, Hanks has played many different types of roles. At what point did he start to be able to distinguish the differences between each script?

“It’s pretty evident very early on. I found out pretty quickly that if I’m not enjoying reading it, I’m definitely not going to be enjoying making it,” said Hanks. “There’s very little that comes my way that you don’t sort of have the idea ‘Hmm I don’t really care’. Because, if it doesn’t speak to you then there’s really no point to be doing it. The irony is, while it may only be two hours or so of someone’s life watching it, it’s going to be a few months of my life making it so I want to at least be able to feel like we’re on the right ship going in the right direction. For me the other thing, I’m always looking at such different things. Fargo and Life in Pieces are completely polar opposites, but they both play to their strengths and they both have unique voices doing something different. That’s the kind of stuff I’m always looking for.”


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