All right, it’s Friday. Time to make picks for this weekend.

Who wins Sunday? Which two teams are playing in Super Bowl 50?

“I think it’s New England and Arizona,” NFL on CBS analyst Bart Scott said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “I think there has to be one upset of the week, and I think Arizona has the capability of providing that upset, just because of what they can do (at) the skill positions. You got three tremendous receivers. Larry Fitzgerald is amazing, but then the other guys can hurt you as well vertically, and Bruce Arians is fearless. He’s not going in afraid and saying, ‘Hey, we got to run the ball and keep the ball out of Cam’s hands.’ He’s saying, ‘Look, we’re going to air this thing out. We’re going to see what this defense is all about. They believe in those linebackers? Well, we’re going to see if they can match up against Larry Fitzgerald going down the middle.’

“This is a coach that oozes confidence – just oozes confidence – and then he has a complete defense as well,” Scott continued. “I mean, Dwight Freeney, I don’t know how people are still falling for the spin move. This dude is still getting pressure with the spin move. He’s a one-trick pony and he’s still getting it done, so now they don’t have the blitz as much because they can get some pressure (with their defensive line). But they have to be careful about Cam and getting out of their rush lane and providing Cam an easy edge to get to the outside and use his feet where he’s a dual threat as well.”

The Patriots, meanwhile, are favored to win in Denver. For the Broncos to win, they’ll need Peyton Manning to play one of his best games of the season. Relying solely on the defense and running game won’t be enough.

“(The defense and running game are) enough to keep them in the game (but not to win it),” Scott said. “Their kicker is outstanding, so he’s going to have to hit some great kicks. But the problem is on the other end, the Patriots have a tremendous kicker as well.”

Scott believes the Broncos will need to double-team both Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman and force Danny Amendola and Steven Jackson to win the game.

“You get sacks against Tom Brady with coverage – not with pass rush, not with blitzing,” Scott said. “If you blitz him and you leave guys one-on-one, he’ll find a matchup. You can have great coverage and the receivers or the tight ends always have a counter. So you have to put two on (Gronkowski and Edelman) and play the tendencies but also play the technique and bait Brady into the bad plays. Then he’ll hold on to the ball and we know he’s not going to run. Even though he did his John Elway imitation the other day, he wasn’t comfortable doing that.”


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