JORDAN GROSS – 1/18/16
Panthers sideline reporter

“I’ve played in enough football games. I’ve seen so many crazy things. I’ve seen my team come back. I’ve seen other teams come back. The way that game stated, it shows you how quickly teams can score. The Panthers got up two touchdowns in a couple minutes. Anything can happen.”
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ROSS TUCKER – 1/18/16
Westwood One NFL analyst

“I’m a big Andy Reid fan. I’m from near Philadelphia, and he’s the best coach (the Eagles have) ever had. That was the (longest run of success) any coach there had ever had, and he’s doing it again in Kansas City and he deserves credit. They won a playoff game this year. But this has always been one of his Achilles’ heels.”
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PETE PRISCO – 1/19/16
CBS Sports NFL columnist
“He got hit and the ball was intercepted for a touchdown (in the first quarter). ‘Oh, well look at the pressure.’ There’s always and excuse for him. The guy’s a good player. He’s a really good player. Nobody ever said he wasn’t. But I think there’s a race to make him one of the top three quarterbacks in the league, and he isn’t that.”
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COLIN HANKS – 1/20/16

“So Greg and his wife Jen, who’s played by the very funny and talented Zoe Lister-Jones from Brooklyn NY, her and I are the new parents. I’m the youngest of the Short siblings, but I’ve just had a baby. So, our story lines tend to be about a young couple that are adjusting to this new, basically this new life that they have as young parents and how that relates to their relationships with his parents, his sisters, and things of that nature.”
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ERIC DECKER – 1/20/16
Jets WR

“That’s just the way the business is. There’s so much more athletic players that are African-American in that position. It’s always fun, I guess, to be the token (white guy).”
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SCOTT ZOLAK – 1/20/16
Patriots radio analyst

“He had pressure. He missed the corner blitz on the previous drive where William Gay almost took his head off, and then there was pressure from the backside – I think (Lawrence) Timmons was coming – and he took that dive when he fell down. From my ruling, and the way they’re starting to treat quarterbacks in this league, that’s giving yourself up. Then he steps up and hits the pass to Emmanuel Sanders after Pittsburgh quits playing.”
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TOPS analyst

“I faced Chip Kelly’s offense when he was in Philadelphia. We actually were the first guinea pig or lab rat, so to speak, when we got baptized to that offense on Monday Night Football. First game of the season. They had Michael Vick running that thing, and I’ll tell you what: There’s a difference to to defend that offense when you have a quarterback that is a threat to keep that ball on that zone-read play.”
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“In the old days, things were done–mean. They were done in a mean way to say this group of people wasn’t equal to this group of people and if you’re still doing that, you’re a knucklehead. But, if you’re doing it because you’re talking especially about a specific person, I think it’s funny. I definitely do watch myself and I’m very careful about things because I don’t–that’s not what I’m going out there to do. I’m not going out there to try and shock somebody and say look at what I can get away with.”
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Texans QB

“People that know me and know how I handle things, they understand that I understand the situations that may come about. I had some friends that obviously did voice their opinion. I gained a whole lot of respect for Brian Hoyer during that whole deal. When things aren’t going well, and you’re not having the night you want to have, there’s a lot of other things you’d rather be doing. He wanted to finish the fight with his guys, he wanted to stay out there and he didn’t care if he was getting booed. He wanted to continue to keep playing and fighting, so I understood that. The game was out of reach so, as much as I would have liked to have gone in and play a little bit, I understood where Brian was coming from as well.”
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BART SCOTT – 1/22/16
NFL on CBS analyst

“If you blitz him and you leave guys one-on-one, he’ll find a matchup. You can have great coverage and the receivers or the tight ends always have a counter. So you have to put two on (Gronkowski and Edelman) and play the tendencies but also play the technique and bait Brady into the bad plays. Then he’ll hold on to the ball and we know he’s not going to run. Even though he did his John Elway imitation the other day, he wasn’t comfortable doing that.”
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