Super-Bowl winning QB

“I sent a tweet out, ‘Gosh, snow is so much fun in the beginning, (but now), shoot me, will you?’ The worst part is, my wife’s not here. I’m by myself. I’m talking to the coat rack right now and you know what? It’s not answering. . .. And listen, I know that there are a lot of hope out there that are in a tougher condition and I certainly sympathize with them, but man, when Mother Nature decides she wants to unleash her wrath, she goes at you.”
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WILL BRINSON – 1/26/16 NFL senior writer

“He’s running this complex run game that the Carolina Panthers utilize. He’s become everything you would ever want to see from the physical person that he is, and what if he’s just scratching the surface? It’s terrifying. But it should be fun to watch. Just because of the physical limitations of human nature, I don’t know that we’ll see another quarterback built the way that Cam Newton is anytime soon.”
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SHAUN KING – 1/27/16
Former NFL QB

“I think he understands that as many accomplishments as he’s had in his career, the fact that he’s only 1-for-3 so far in the Super Bowl (is a problem). He understands that if this is his last chance, 2-for-4 in Super Bowls is going to look a lot better than 1-for-4 on his legacy long-term.”
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FOX and NFL Network analyst

“The ones that don’t, it’s not so much the fans, but there are plenty of us – media members – that write about it, talk about it, those things, and it kind of gives voice to it. Not kind of, it does. It gives a lot more voice to it.”
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ROMAN HARPER – 1/29/16
Panthers safety

“Then you get here. The guy, he’s super humble, he talks to everybody, he has a great time in this locker room. He’s just a fun, happy-go-lucky guy. He doesn’t apologize for that. The dude is never serious. Well, he is serious, but not really. He loves having fun all of the time. He’s always joking around, having fun, and our team kind of personifies that whole type of mentality. Cam kind of leads us. We have fun. We’re not going to apologize for dabbing or taking pictures on the sidelines. It’s just who we’ve been all year long, so why are we going to change now when it’s clearly worked for us?”
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BART SCOTT – 1/29/16
NFL on CBS analyst

“This was a playoff team, he went out there, they gave him every weapon he wanted – he said this is the best skill players he’s ever had. It’s definitely the best defense he’s ever had. If he can’t get it done, yeah, he’s a great quarterback, but he’ll go down as one of the greatest regular season quarterbacks of all time, but he’s not going to be in the discussion with Tom Brady if he can’t win two.”
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