Former Panthers offensive lineman

“The people that are the most successful in this world are the ones that work the hardest. He’s really done an amazing job of putting himself in position to be successful with his offseason work. It might have started with his injury last year in the car accident and understanding, hey, you never know when it’s going to happen and that big one’s coming. But since that point, it’s like the light has gone on. It’s hard to explain when that’s going to happen or it’s hard to gauge when that’s going to happen for some players, but it absolutely has gone on and he’s taken this league by storm.”
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Former NFL safety

“My mental health is the most important. I can go with the knee replacement. I can still function in life. I can go play with my kids and have a relationship with my wife. But when your brain goes, it’s scary, and after watching the movie ‘Concussion,’ it makes it even worse. I have some friends who are affected by brain trauma. It’s a very scary thing. I just continue to pray and do whatever I can to keep my mental health sharp.”
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FOX Sports NFL analyst

“I see great players in this league going the wrong way all the time. The misdirection, the read option, the ghost motion, the slight of hand, the ball handling of Cam it’s tough. It’s going to be hard, I don’t care how many studs Denver has on defense. If you’re not going to the right place and you’re being fooled; all of a sudden you’re being outnumbered it’s going to be tough to stop. It’s going to be fun, it has been fun for me to show the fans.”
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BILL COWHER – 2/3/16
CBS NFL Today analyst

“I think he’s become very, very comfortable in the pocket. When you go back to the play he made last week to Brown coming across the middle, the Arizona Cardinals bring a blitz, five people standing up at the line. The offensive line sorted it out, but more importantly than that, Cam was patient in the pocket. Right now, he’s throwing the ball very accurately from the pocket. When you do that along with his power running game, to me it’s a two-gap approach to the running game, it’s trying to flush him out to his left, to get him out of the pocket.”
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JAY GLAZER – 2/4/16
FOX Sports NFL insider

“There are certain guys – Michael Strahan and I in 1993, boom, first moment. It was love-hate at first sight. Thank God for that relationship. It was instant and we just got each other. There are other guys. People know I’m close with John Fox. When the Giants first hired him, the staff was given everyone’s pictures – the reporters’ pictures – from the PR staff. Mine had a big red X through it saying ‘Do not talk to.’ Fox was horrified for like two years to talk to me.”
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49ers safety

“I really can’t have much contact with him until that new league season starts. I’ve heard things just like everybody else heard things. But at the end of the day, as men, you got to dissect and see the situation for yourself and that’s what I’m going to wait and do. I’m pretty sure everybody’s going to have the same goal in mind: to win and be in Houston next year. So we’ll just see, take it one day at a time and just try to improve on last year.”
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Rams DT

“Mom and dad, I got a dad that’s a tough guy, and I got the mom that wanted me to be the mama’s boy and baby me. But just the parents that I grew up with, they just (raised) me that type of way and instilled that into me. That’s just the way I was raised. That’s just how I am. I can’t help it. That’s just how I am.”
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