BOBBY MARKS – 2/15/16
Former NBA front office executive

“I think if we’re going to see any movement this week, it’s going to be about not what’s going to happen in the playoffs, but it’s going to be geared toward the summer – teams kind of setting themselves up for the summer and free agency. But I don’t see much movement out there that (would occur to take) a team to Golden State or even San Antonio’s level right now. So we’ll see. We’ve still got a couple days to go.”
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STEVE LAPPAS – 2/16/16
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“Well, in a year like this, it definitely does. Because who would have thought Villanova before the season started could be a 1-seed? So it’s a crazy year. I think the regular season definitely matters. Does it matter as much to the great teams? Probably not.”
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CHRIS MANNIX – 2/17/16
Yahoo! Sports NBA senior writer

“I don’t think there’s a silver bullet to any of that. You have to be able to play small. That’s why I think a team like Oklahoma City probably stands the best chance in that type of matchup because they can go with a smallish lineup with Serge Ibaka playing 5 and Kevin Durant playing 4. But I don’t know. You’re asking what it’s going to take to beat the Warriors. Four teams have done it this season, and they’re the defending champs from last season. So I don’t know. You have to match up with them in a small lineup and be able to go shot-for-shot with them. The only team I can see doing that in the West is Oklahoma City.”
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