Every NFL coach, every scout, every general manager and a lot of owners – basically, every team’s decision-makers – attend the NFL Combine. They fall in and out of love with players based on their physical abilities – or lack thereof. Then there’s the psychological portion of the event.

And that, well, that gets creepy.

Former NFL defensive lineman Austen Lane, for example, remembers being asked whether he would kill someone if he knew beforehand that he would get away with it.

“I haven’t used that,” former NFL executive and current 105.7 The Fan radio host Vinny Cerrato said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “See, the thing about it is, all teams have their own psychological testing. Some use services that do it, and who know what kind of questions (they ask)? When I was in San Fran, we had Dr. (Harry) Edwards, who was a sports psychologist. Harry would get into real things. When we would interview guys, we would want to know (about the red flags that our scouts already identified). And when you’re interviewing (prospects), those are the things that you’re looking to find out. Those are the questions you want to get answered. You only have 15 minutes.”

Other players have been asked about their sexual lives, what animal they would describe themselves as, what superpower they would pick if they were a superhero – the list goes on.

Then there’s actually good old-fashioned questions about football.

“I remember with Adrian Peterson, there was questions about his intelligence,” Cerrato said. “We wanted to put him on the board and see how smart he was and if he could handle pro-style offenses, which, it didn’t seem to be a problem. You know what was funny? We said, ‘What do you do (in this situation), Adrian?’ (He said), ‘Well, I follow my fullback. If he cuts to the right, I go to the right.’ I said, ‘Okay, that’s good.’”


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