NFL Network analyst

“But the Jets are in a unique position because that’s a big number on a one-year contract. They’ve got Sheldon Richardson, they drafted Leonard Williams, they’ve got Damon Harrison, who’s a free agent – they’ve got some other players. So the big number on Wilkerson could cause them to lose maybe some other players that could hurt the team. We know how good Wilkerson is, but you’ve got some other defensive linemen there and you certainly could play well on the defensive line with them.”
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FRANK MARTIN – 2/22/16
South Carolina head coach

“Are we there yet? No, we’re not. But what I do know is this: If we can get our program to the level of a Kentucky or Florida, which have been the two best programs in our conference over the last 10 years, then we’re worthy of competing for an SEC championship, and if you’re worthy of competing for an SEC championship, then you’re going to have an opportunity to play in March. And once you get in that tournament, anything goes.”
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PETE GILLEN – 2/23/16
CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst

“But can you win six games shooting threes the way they do? They don’t have a consistent inside game. I think a team that’s balanced inside and outside and has proven they have won on the road in conference play (will fare the best in the tournament).”
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DENNY HAMLIN – 2/23/16
NASCAR driver

“It’s almost a tie between Bubba Watson and Michael Jordan. It was cool that Bubba, a good friend of mine on the PGA Tour, won on the same weekend. That was really cool. It’s a really close tie, but MJ sent me some cool stuff for sure.”
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Two-time NBA champion

“You know that it’s hard to beat a team that shoots the ball so well. Right now, the Warriors are the greatest shooting team in the history of basketball. Everybody on that team can shoot. When you have five guys who can knock down shots and spread you out who are versatile the way they are on both ends of the floor, there’s nothing you can do about it. If you’re playing against a guy and he can just flat out shoot, you can be in his face all day and he’s making shots. There’s nothing you can do, and that’s what that team does. They shoot the ball so well that they just demoralize teams.”
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CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst

“I think someone’s going to step up and beat them. I just can’t fathom them being that good. I watched Draymond Green, obviously Steph Curry is tremendous and Klay Thompson – I saw those guys in college. And all of a sudden for them to go into the NBA, a league of many Hall-of-Famers, and for them to be doing what they’re doing – listen, I’m impressed by it, but I feel like there’s some teams in the league that should step up and put an end to this.”
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Former American football player

“You really don’t want to play outside. It is easier for students to organize a game inside. The field is smaller. There is not room for 11 people (per team) and there is no room for kickers, so it’s 8-on-8.”
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Former NFL executive

“We wanted to put him on the board and see how smart he was and if he could handle pro-style offenses, which, it didn’t seem to be a problem. You know what was funny? We said, ‘What do you do (in this situation), Adrian?’ (He said), ‘Well, I follow my fullback. If he cuts to the right, I go to the right.’ I said, ‘Okay, that’s good.’”
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