CBS Sports NFL insider

“Obviously the next time he wins, this past year, he was completely a passenger for the most part. Really, two drives of that entire postseason that will stick out (were) both the opening drive of games – the Patriots game and the Super Bowl. After that, it was don’t let him throw it too much and hold on tightly.”
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LOVIE SMITH – 3/8/16
Illinois head coach

“I felt like we had made progress from year one to year two (and) had a lot of things in place. I felt our best season would be the third year. I thought I had commitment from ownership to do that, but things change along the way. When you’re the owner, you can do whatever you like. So I just moved on. Haven’t spent a whole lot of time really thinking about it.”
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STEVE SMITH – 3/9/16
Former NBA All Star

“But it also comes down to what you have on your team. You got to coach your style, play your style, with the guys you have. You’re not going to be able to duplicate what the Warriors are doing right now. They’ve done a good job of acquiring these type of players. They have versatility – not only on the offensive end, but I think even more on the defensive end. People talk about Steph Curry’s points, but he’s rebounding the basketball and getting steals. Draymond Green is 6-7 and playing center. Andre Iguodala is a power forward. He’s 6-7. So I think (they have a lot of) versatility defensively, and nobody’s been able to take advantage of what they do on the offensive end.”
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JIM NANTZ – 3/9/16
CBS broadcaster

“They’re all draped over us, singing ‘One Shining Moment.’ I said, ‘Guys, do you have something you want to say?’ They started singing it. At that point, they saved ‘One Shining Moment.’ Because (CBS) could never afford for a team to do that and then not get the payoff for it to play.”
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BILL RAFTERY – 3/10/16
CBS broadcaster

“I think the hard part this year (is) everybody thinks their team is good enough to win it – and they’re right. A lot of coaches are going back to their campus and there will be a lot of unhappy people. They think their team has a right and maybe deserves it – and they’e right. But six games in a row you’ve got to step it up and perform. Not a whole lot of teams can do it.”
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CBS college basketball analyst

“I would probably go with a swing guy who’s a terrific perimeter defender, a shotmaker and a playmaker. Now if I couldn’t have that, then I would probably have to go point guard because that guy can make it so easy for everybody else at the point of attack. If he’s a good defender, then he can help you with your defense. If he’s a really good point guard, then he’s handling the ball well, he’s a shot maker, he can get to the rim and he can get other people shots. When you got a guy that can do that stuff, it makes your whole offense flow a lot easier.”
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CBS play-by-play announcer

“I’m told – I’ve never seen it – but (I’m told) there’s a huge poster of the kid (Jermaine Wallace) who hit the three that’s on the main hallway of the athletic department. I got lucky enough to see that, so I know what that moment meant for those kids. Those kinds of things are sprinkled throughout the tournament. Now that every game is on every network, you’re lucky enough that you happen to catch them. I think that’s the charm for me.”
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