Every year, it seems that people are angry at the NCAA Tournament selection committee. Well, Gary Williams has a simple solution to that: put more basketball-savvy people in charge of decision-making.

“If you look at that committee, I think there might be four out of the 10 that are really basketball people,” the former Maryland coach said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “There’s people around that could help the committee. Plus, with all the analytics that are out there in every sport, there still is room for the eye test. I think more consideration should go to how teams are playing at the end of the year and their total body of work. A lot of times, teams will schedule a game two years in advance with a team that might be a top-50 team when you schedule them; by the time you play them, they’re not a top 100 team. That’s not your fault. You tried to schedule a good schedule so that your strength of schedule is impressive.”

Williams felt the selection committee snubbed several teams this year, including Saint Mary’s, which beat Gonzaga twice during the regular season, and St. Bonaventure, which won a share of the Atlantic 10 regular-season championship.

“The tournament is not the best 68 teams,” Williams said. “It’s never going to be that. If you win your conference, your conference tournament, all those things go into it. But when you look (at certain teams), you kind of wonder why they don’t get in.”

Should the committee consider expanding the field?

“I don’t know if expansion is the right answer,” Williams said. “I just think coaches I know would like to know the criteria a little better. It seems like every year they pick out one thing and use that as a reason, whether it’s your road wins against top-50 (teams) one year or the strength of schedule in your conference. You never know what’s going to be the strongest factor with the committee.”


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