Manhattan head coach

“When I was around him, he was a great kid, good player, helped us win a lot of games. It’s unfortunate all the way around, especially when you see a lot of people being affected by this. It’s unfortunate.”
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Former Maryland head coach

“I just think coaches I know would like to know the criteria a little better. It seems like every year they pick out one thing and use that as a reason, whether it’s your road wins against top-50 (teams) one year or the strength of schedule in your conference. You never know what’s going to be the strongest factor with the committee.”
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NFL Network analyst

“You can forget about 55 touchdown passes or whatever. But I would try to whittle it down and I would bring them all in. I think that’s the best method right now.”
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UNC analyst

“I think anybody that has a constant level of pain understands that it’s not comfortable. Roy Williams is a very mentally tough guy, he’s a physically tough guy. I think that he’s doing as well as he can do given the fact that his knees are really bugging him. But I also think that he’s not going anywhere anytime soon – and he’s said that. You look at how he’s coaching, why he’s coaching – he’s doing it for the right reasons. I think that he’s too attracted to the game of basketball to ever see something happening quickly where he would step down.”
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SETH DAVIS – 3/17/16
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“In my bracket, I have Seton Hall getting beat by Utah in the second round. But even if they get to the Sweet 16, I don’t see them beating Michigan State. Michigan State’s been my pick to win the championship for a while. (Seton Hall is) a good sleeper team, though.”
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CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“But being good doesn’t resonate with the average sports fan. You have to be great or you have to have pros, and the haven’t had that over the past few years. I guess my point would be they’ve got a 1 beside their name, so they’re obviously respect by the committee. But I bet you most people you know who have a bracket don’t have Oregon in the Final Four – and I don’t either. I have Oklahoma. But my point is, that Oregon team is deserving and worth your time.”
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