Oracle Team USA skipper

“They’re very, very fast. The cool thing is, it’s right there. It’s right in front of the World Trade Center and between the Statue of Liberty. It’ll be impossible to miss if you walk past. It really is stadium sailing now. It’s not about going way off shore. it’s about getting it in front of the fans as if you’re sitting watching a football game or a baseball game. So yeah, I think people are going come down and really like what they see.”
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GRANT HILL – 3/30/16
College basketball and NBA analyst

“The way they play, it’s a lot of one-on-one, a lot of dribble-drives. Buddy Hield is pretty remarkable because a lot of his points, he kind of goes and gets on his own. He’s not a guy that’s coming off screens and, as a result of executing your offense, (gets) open looks; he gets the ball and he can put it on the floor and he has a nice step-back, he hunts the three-point line – he’s a dynamic scorer, and he’s relentless in terms of just attacking you.”
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PETE GILLEN – 3/31/16
CBS Sports college basketball analyst

“So if they pack in the zone really tight (and force Carolina to shoot jumpers, they could win). Carolina only shoots 31 percent from three-point land. So if they’re cold shooting – if Marcus Paige, their talented senior guard, is off – and then they can rebound out of it, they’ve got a chance. They certainly could do it. But just the size and athleticism of North Carolina is really scary.”
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Former MLB manager

“It’s a wonderful confrontation, and it’s very difficult to be successful at when you have the bat in your hands – and everyone has said that over the years. ‘Oh, God, it’s so hard to hit a baseball.’ Yes, when a guy stands up there and hits a 100 mile-per-hour fast ball and he hits it 450 feet, he’s supposed to make like it’s an every day occurrence. He’s supposed to just (act like nothing happened) and run around the bases like Joe DiMaggio.”
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