The notion that the Los Angeles Rams would send six high draft picks to the Tennessee Titans without knowing who they would take No. 1 overall is, in a word, crazy.

It may also be accurate.

Indeed, there are reports that the Rams do not know which quarterback – Carson Wentz or Jared Goff – they will take in next week’s NFL Draft.

Corey Chavous, however, isn’t buying it.

“I don’t think that they would make the trade without having a pretty good idea at least of the direction they expect to go in,” the former NFL cornerback and founder said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “I think maybe doing your due diligence is no problem because you keep everybody else kind of wondering. And maybe, just maybe, you try to maybe potentially give yourself an opportunity to (make another trade). But I think based on the type of quarterbacks they’ve taken in terms of size the last couple of years – size and arm strength – you would think Wentz would be more of the guy.”

Chavous, it is worth noting, prefers Goff to Wentz but realizes Wentz has a lot to offer, especially in terms of what the Rams want to do offensively.

“The pros of Wentz is basically just his mobility, the arm strength,” Chavous said. “I think the fact that he can throw the ball on the move (is a plus). They’re going to be able to use some play-action in the running game with (Todd) Gurley and now you’re going to be able to get him on the move. I don’t think they have, to me, a true deep threat. Tavon Austin runs well, but they use him on a lot of gadget plays. I really think the athleticism of Wentz, which is better than Goff in terms of being able to run the ball, (is huge for them). I think they’re looking at that in their division because they’ve seen the results, whether it be with (Russell) Wilson or (Colin) Kaepernick, and you can’t underestimate that at all.”

That said, Chavous believes that teams should “absolutely” be concerned with Wentz’s injury history and must bear in mind that Goff produced at a high level at Cal despite playing behind a leaky offensive line.

“You have to consider that when you grade these quarterbacks – who’s blocking for them,” Chavous said. “The Rams only gave up 18 sacks last year. If you get Goff in a system with better protection, you might be in great shape because he’s not used to having great protection.”


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