Johnny Manziel is 23, wealthy and unemployed. Yes, the former Heisman winner and first-round draft pick was released by the Cleveland Browns in March and, predictably, has spent the last month just as he spent the last several years: partying without care, unencumbered by consequence.
Sadly, Manziel’s NFL days could be over, and, if you believe his father, so could his life – and sooner rather than later.
“I think he has a serious issue,” former Ohio State and NFL cornerback and current 92.3 The Fan host Dustin Fox said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “Did you see the picture of him yesterday (partying in the ball pit at Coachella)? The guy looks like he’s got a serious abuse issue. It looks like he hasn’t been in a gym in a year, and I don’t think Cleveland had anything to do with that. In fact, I know – I’m not going to say ‘I think’ – I know that Cleveland has done everything to help this kid. They’ve went out of their way to try and get the guy help. He just doesn’t want it. Everybody around him has tried to help him. He’s headed down a bad path right now.”

Manziel has accounted for eight touchdowns (seven pass, one rush) in 14 NFL games. He was a bust for the Browns, and he’s been a burden to those around him.
“I know you guys probably wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a story that was pretty bad here in the next couple of months because it’s not looking very good for him,” Fox said. “His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, I think is about to drop him. . . . Johnny doesn’t want it. I don’t think he’ll ever play again in this league.”
Where Manziel goes from here is anyone’s guess. He’s young enough to turn his life – and career – around, but he also seems far gone. Very far gone.
Is anything in his shipwreck salvageable?
No one knows.
“I didn’t really get a chance to talk to him or know him that well. He kind of kept to himself,” Fox said. “But I know guys on the team. Some guys are friends of mine who are on the Browns, so I know a little bit about him, and I know some of his coaches from Texas A&M. So it’s just kind of an outsider perspective. I’ve heard that he’s a good kid deep down inside from people that know him best. That’s kind of the sad thing about it. Everyone’s just watching this like a train wreck. At some point, I don’t know what you do. I don’t know if an intervention can work. It’s difficult to have an intervention with a guy who’s got millions of dollars and can do whatever the heck he wants and people that will continue to enable him in terms of his friends and the people that he’s hanging out with now in that club scene.”

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