Former NFL CB and founder

“I think maybe doing your due diligence is no problem because you keep everybody else kind of wondering. And maybe, just maybe, you try to maybe potentially give yourself an opportunity to (make another trade). But I think based on the type of quarterbacks they’ve taken in terms of size the last couple of years – size and arm strength – you would think Wentz would be more of the guy.”
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LEO RAUTINS – 4/18/16 
Former NBA player, current NBA TV analyst

“Because they continue to make the wrong decisions. It’s just too muddled at the top to move forward the way they need to move. So if I’m Luke Walton, I’m waiting for a better situation.”
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DUSTIN FOX – 4/19/16
92.3 The Fan host, former NFL CB

“Did you see the picture of him yesterday (partying in the ball pit at Coachella)? The guy looks like he’s got a serious abuse issue. It looks like he hasn’t been in a gym in a year, and I don’t think Cleveland had anything to do with that. In fact, I know – I’m not going to say ‘I think’ – I know that Cleveland has done everything to help this kid. They’ve went out of their way to try and get the guy help. He just doesn’t want it. Everybody around him has tried to help him. He’s headed down a bad path right now.”
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NFL Network analyst

“I think they’re going to draft a quarterback later on. I think they’d love to get a bounty of picks much like Tennessee did, and I think they’re open for business. If they can’t get what they want, then I think at No. 2 – whether they take Joey Bosa or they take Jalen Ramsey or DeForest Buckner, I don’t think they can go wrong with any of those players.”
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NBA champion
“You leave for money and you leave for a better opportunity to win. Oklahoma City can pay Kevin Durant the most right now, and this is one of the top four or five teams in this league. So if you look at what LaMarcus Aldridge did, he left a good situation in Portland to come to San Antonio to win. David West left a good situation in Indiana to come to San Antonio to win. Those are really the two reasons that you leave. I’ll leave it at that.”
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“They made sure I (understood that I was) still a child no matter what’s going on here. It is so easy for that to get confused, especially with parents. They don’t know what to say. Your kid is paying for everything. He’s paying for the house. I want to go out. What are you going to tell me? I’m going out. I paid for the car. You can’t really stop me.’ We do get a bad rap, but it completely throws off the natural balance of things. There’s no way to be prepared for that.”
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MARIO ELIE – 4/22/16
NBA champion
“I know Steph Curry is a competitor. I know he wants to go out there and play and you see the difference he makes out there. Their offense struggles with him not being out there.”
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