Glen Davis didn’t play in the NBA this season, but don’t call the 30-year-old big man retired.

Because he’s not.

Davis, who has played eight seasons in the NBA and won a championship with Boston in 2008, hasn’t played in an NBA game since May 2015.

There’s a reason for that.

“This is what happened,” the former Clipper said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “Let me tell you how it happened. Game 6 against the Spurs (last year), go back and look at the tape. I broke my ankle and didn’t know it was broke until September before the season is about to start. So I’m thinking, ‘Oh, I just got to do some rehab with it. Whatever.’ I end up getting the MRI, which, I didn’t get an MRI from the Clippers. They didn’t tell me anything. I thought I was fine. Then I end up getting the MRI right before the season stars and they’re like, ‘Your ankle’s broke.’ I’m a free agent at the time. So I got to get it fixed. Nobody’s going to pick me up with a broken ankle.”

Davis said the Clippers’ training staff did not tell him he had broken his ankle. He felt pain after Game 6 against the Spurs – and went on to play Game 7 and was used sparingly in seven games against Houston in the Western Conference semifinals – but he didn’t think it was anything serious.”

“They told me I was fine,” Davis said of the Clippers’ training staff. “They told me I was okay. They told me, ‘Just get some physical therapy, get it stronger and you’ll be fine. You’ll be okay.’ Okay, my ankle’s broke and now I got to sit and watch everybody play this year.”

Davis, now fully healthy, weighs 335 pounds – about 25 pounds heavier than his normal playing weight. He is, however, working out every day, getting back in playing shape and hopes to sign with a team this offseason.

Gregg Giannotti jokingly asked Davis if he wants Blake Griffin to punch the Clippers’ team doctor in the face.

“Nah,” Davis said, laughing. “I don’t promote violence.”


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