The Dallas Cowboys have the fourth overall pick in Thursday’s NFL Draft, and depending on who you ask, they could go in any number of directions.

Some, like Brian Jones, want Joey Bosa. Others want Jalen Ramsey. Others want Ezekiel Elliott.

Ultimately, what will the Cowboys do?

“It’s going to be interesting as heck,” NFL Network Analyst Charles Davis said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “I think in my mock I have Bosa. Normally you don’t want to make a quote-unquote need pick at the top, but sometimes need trumps everything. Right now, they go to battle, Cedric Thornton is one starting defensive end and another guy I believe by the name of (David) Irving is another starting defensive end.”

That’s because defensive ends Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence will miss the first four games of the season for violating the league’s substance-abuse policy.

“People are saying, ‘Well, you’re going to get those other guys back after four games,’” Davis said. “I don’t know how well you depend on people coming off of suspensions and the types of suspensions they’re coming off of. Who’s to say that they’re going to be okay right out of the gate? I always struggle with that. Some people, those demons are tough. So I gave them Bosa, but all I keep hearing is (there’s) a major battle in the front office of the Cowboys (between) Jalen Ramsey and Ezekiel Elliott. That’s going to be the question.”

Ramsey, the self-declared best player in the draft, is a rangy, athletic corner out of Florida State. Elliott, of course, is the top tailback in the class. He can run over you, he can run around you, he can catch and he can block. He’s the total package.

Jones likes Ramsey. In fact, he believes he’s a taller, longer version of Tyrann Mathieu. Ramsey is 6-1, while Mathieu is 5-9.

Davis loves that comparison but gives Mathieu the edge in a key category: instincts.

“That’s the thing with the Honey Badger that, to me, makes him fantastic,” Davis said. “I don’t know that I’ve seen too many players with better instincts that play at a high level like he does. Last year, Paul Dawson came out of the draft at TCU and I’m on record as saying he had the best instincts of any player int he draft, but he didn’t have the same physical attributes as Tyrann Mathieu. That’s what I saw, and he hasn’t really been on the field much so far. That’s why if Ramsey can be like Mathieu but have those types of instincts, then you’ve got a heck of a player on your hands.”


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