FRANK GARCIA – 4/25/16
Former Panthers offensive lineman

“They’re not going to be able to replace him this year, but they believe in their system and they believe with what they’re doing that that’s not an impact position and they’d rather probably use that money elsewhere. That part I agree with. You have small windows of opportunity in the NFL to be successful. Some teams have longer than others, but a lot of that has to do with how your quarterback plays.”
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GLEN DAVIS – 4/25/16
NBA free agent forward

“They told me I was okay. They told me, ‘Just get some physical therapy, get it stronger and you’ll be fine. You’ll be okay.’ Okay, my ankle’s broke and now I got to sit and watch everybody play this year.”
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RAY FARMER – 4/26/16
Former Browns GM

“He got a second opportunity and you see where it’s taken him. All of it kind of goes together. You got to have that time together to be able to move it forward.”
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ERIC SNOW – 4/26/16
Former NBA guard

“The one thing I do say is that the guys on their team, outside of Steph, are extremely underrated. They can win without him. I believe that they can probably get to the conference finals without him, but I don’t think they can get past the conference finals without him.”
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JIM CHONES – 4/27/16
Cavaliers radio color analyst

“Those guys are jokesters. He and Love and Kyrie – they’re always laughing, joking and communicating. LeBron is LeBron. He understands the media and probably understands it better than any athlete in all of the top three sports. But he understands this, too: We’re not going anywhere unless he has those two guys with him. That was proven in the NBA Finals. Now they’re healthy.”
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PHIL SAVAGE – 4/27/16
Former Browns GM

“I don’t think a handful of GMs went to Fargo, North Dakota. I think a lot of area scouts and college directors went there, but not everybody in the league had seen Carson, and when they did, they found out he was 6-5, 237 pounds. He’s got a tight, circular, quick motion (on his throws), he’s got pop and accuracy in his arm, his footwork is efficient, and he’s got mobility to run for a first down. But above and beyond all that, I thought that the intangibles, the leadership that he displayed here on a team full of players from Michigan State, Ohio State, Stanford – much bigger programs – he stepped right in and took over. So to me, he’s got a lot of real positive traits. He’s a big-school prospect that happens to be wrapped in a small-school uniform.”
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NFL Network analyst

“I think in my mock I have Bosa. Normally you don’t want to make a quote-unquote need pick at the top, but sometimes need trumps everything. Right now, they go to battle, Cedric Thornton is one starting defensive end and another guy I believe by the name of (David) Irving is another starting defensive end.”
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SHAUN KING – 4/29/16
NFL analyst

“I would take him. Because I know what I see when you put the tape on. We’re talking about once-in-a-decade type athleticism and feet on a tackle. You got to understand this wasn’t him being accused of beating up his girlfriend or robbing somebody with a weapon. No matter what kind of stigma you want to put on it, there are states in this country right now where (smoking is) legal.”
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BARON DAVIS – 4/29/16
Former NBA All Star PG

“For me, the Warriors are my favorite team. They definitely have a special place in my heart, but it’s good to see good team basketball. You see 1 through 15 being able to be plugged in and play and contribute.”
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Draft Nasty founder

“He’s not going to stray from his philosophy. He goes out and gets Vernon Butler. I thought it was a good pick, but you’re talking about the big getting bigger because their defensive line now is going to be tremendous. I thought that would have been a potential fit for Derrick Henry. When you talk about size, I think he would fit there.”
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