Jared Goff and Carson Wentz, as expected, were the top two picks in Thursday’s NFL Draft, but the jury remains fairly split on each. Many feel these are two legit NFL starters worthy of their draft slot; others feel that the Rams and Eagles wildly overpaid for both and that neither will necessarily amount to much in the NFL.

Shaun King is much more in the latter camp than the former.

“Well, neither is a first-round pick and they went 1 and 2,” the NFL analyst and new South Florida quarterbacks coach said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “For the Rams, it kind of makes sense because of the whole move to L.A., Goff played for Cal, he’s a California kid, they’re trying to sell tickets, they’re trying to generate excitement and interest. So in that sense, it makes sense. But I mean, come on, guys. There were more question marks about Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota last year, and they’re light years better prospects than Jared Goff and Carson Wentz. Carson Wentz played one year basically at North Dakota State.”

Laremy Tunsil, meanwhile, may have been a steal at No. 13. Yes, an incriminating video and some incriminating screens shots involving Tunsil popped up on social media during the draft, but if King were a general manager, those wouldn’t have prevented him from selecting the Ole Miss standout.

“Well for me, it wouldn’t impact (my decision) at all,” King said. “I would take him. Because I know what I see when you put the tape on. We’re talking about once-in-a-decade type athleticism and feet on a tackle. You got to understand this wasn’t him being accused of beating up his girlfriend or robbing somebody with a weapon. No matter what kind of stigma you want to put on it, there are states in this country right now where (smoking is) legal.”

As for the Cowboys, King thought Ezekiel Elliott was a great pick at fourth overall.

“Absolutely,” King said. “He’s a three-down back, he can run between the tackles, he has enough speed to get on the edge and make things happen, he can catch the ball in the passing game, and he’s that rare back that also is great on third down. He understood protections. Even though Ohio State doesn’t really have a drop-back pass game, the stuff they did do, he understood it. He knew where to be and he succeeded in a lot of his one-on-one blocks. I thought Dallas got an excellent player. I’m glad that that stigma that running backs aren’t valuable has kind of evaporated – because if you got a great running back, you got a chance. I think he’s going to be a great running back.”


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