Emmy-winning podcast host Katie Linendoll dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Wednesday to discuss her podcast, katie.show, and give Mother’s Day gift tips to listeners.

“I’ve made it so easy for everybody,” Linendoll said in studio on Gio and Jones. “Here’s the deal: Even if you’re a dude, you have to get your girl something if she’s a mom. You got to man up. Don’t mail it in. I have put an entire gift guide on my website – everything from bluetooth speakers to wine- and beverage-dispensing totes. (It’s) a purse that looks like a purse but it actually dispenses your favorite wine. Also, tons of stuff for the kids on here, automatic handbags, illuminators – I have a whole list of things for you to choose from that don’t suck.”

You can check out these and other nifty gifts and gadgets on Linendoll’s website, katielinendoll.com.

And just to reiterate, yes, guys, you have to get your girlfriend or wife a gift if she is a mom.

“I think you have to,” Linendoll said. “Do you want something for Father’s Day? Then you got to fulfill Mother’s Day.”

One of Linendoll’s top gift ideas is OLYVE, an upscale flower service offered at non-upscale prices.

“It’s this digital app service that hand-delivers really cool flower creations,” Linendoll explained. “Here’s the deal. Skip those crappy flower services. This is presented to you in a box, it comes in a very unique, beautiful shape, you can add a photo message with it – and it actually starts at like $30, so I think that’s a really god price. So I’d do that for the flower side of things.”

Another Linendoll favorite is Yonanas, which transforms frozen fruit into soft serve ice cream.

“No sugar, no dairy, no soy, no nuts – it is delicious,” Linendoll said. “You mix the frozen berries with some frozen bananas – whatever you want. You throw it in there. You can add a little chocolate, a little coconut. Everybody wants to eat it.”

Linendoll also suggested the Sleep Shepherd Blue, a soft, comfortable headband that not only helps you fall asleep, but also pairs with an app to help you analyze your sleep and let you know how you can sleep better.

“Yes, there’s a lot of fitness devices out there that are on your wrists,” she said. “That does not do an accurate assessment of how you are sleeping – because it’s on your wrists. This actually uses brain-wave sensors to get a really accurate assessment. Know that it is the most comprehensive sleep gadget I’ve ever seen on the market – and I’ve been in technology my entire life.”

If you doubt any of these products, well, don’t. Linendoll tested upwards of 250 gadgets over the last three months in preparation for Mother’s Day gift ideas.

“People trust you,” Linendoll said. “They think you show up (to shows) with a backpack the day of. No, it doesn’t work like that.”


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