Julius Hurri, quarterback of the Aalto Predators – a college team in Helsinki, Finland – dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Thursday to discuss Finnish football.

As it turns out, there are several differences between the American game and the Finnish game. The Predators, for example, play all of their games inside and not on grass.

“It’s like arena football without the artificial turf,” Hurri explained on Gio and Jones. “It’s basically on concrete.”

The game is also played 8-on-8 with no field goals, extra points or punts.

The Predators made headlines in the states after streaming their 25-14 win over Lappeenranta Wildmen in February.

“It was surprising,” Hurri said of the unexpected attention. “Of course it was. We were not anticipating anything. It was more than we had hoped for. It was time for some celebration as we got the SB Nation doing the headlines. It might be that some beer was drunk that night.”

While many college football players in America are on scholarship, that is not the case for Aalto, which is more of an intramural league.

“The football that we play, we don’t have a college program for it,” Hurri said. “We pay for everything ourself, we organize everything, it’s from students to students. We do everything by ourselves.”

Brian Jones asked if there are black football players in Finland.

“Yeah, of course,” Hurri said.

Jones, laughing, said he wasn’t sure since “brothers don’t like the cold.”

“They wear proper jackets,” Hurri said.

Gregg Giannotti joked that the black players’ jackets are probably more stylish than the white players’ jackets.

“Yeah, of course, of course,” Hurri said, prompting hearty laughter from the hosts. “And they dance better.”


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