CBSSports.com senior NFL writer

“I was really surprised by that. If he’s Kam Chancellor 2.0, then good for Atlanta and that’s great. I just think when you’re in a position like that, instead of reaching for it, drop back a couple of rounds.”
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RANDY CROSS – 5/3/16
CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“Nothing better really shows you that than what happened to he and Myles Jack. Everyone assumes this is a 10-year league, that you’re going to draft a tackle to be a 10-year starter. Heck, (NFL teams) just announced that 12 of the 2013 first-round picks, they declined their fifth-year options. This is a short-term league. This isn’t about how long is a guy physically going to last. And if you do anything to screw up the way that they’re thinking (with) their metrics, you’re out of luck. It’s going to cost you literally millions.”
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CBS Sports basketball analyst

“There’s a lot of things that could have been called, but at the same time, this series is 1-1, I think it’s going to be a dogfight going back to Oklahoma City, and I’m looking forward to Game 3.”
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Emmy-winning podcast host

“Here’s the deal. Skip those crappy flower services. This is presented to you in a box, it comes in a very unique, beautiful shape, you can add a photo message with it – and it actually starts at like $30, so I think that’s a really god price. So I’d do that for the flower side of things.”
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Chelsea FC announcer

“It is bigger than anything political. Today we’ve got an election for the new mayor of London, but all week Leicester has been the main story in the news.”
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Finnish QB

“Of course it was. We were not anticipating anything. It was more than we had hoped for. It was time for some celebration as we got the SB Nation doing the headlines. It might be that some beer was drunk that night.”
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Grizzlies TV analyst

“Offensively, (the Hawks) don’t look like themselves. They were one of the better assisting teams in the league throughout the year in terms of moving the ball and getting good shots. Now they’ve turned into more of a one-on-one team, which plays right into Cleveland’s hand to allow them then to get out and run on the other end. They’re just shooting shoot-around shots, where you are just stepping into anything.”
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KEN BERGER – 5/6/16
CBS Sports NBA insider

“I felt like Larry was – I don’t want to say he was second-guessing himself, but he spent a lot of time explaining and justifying why he fired Frank Vogel, as opposed to the reasons why he would look for a different coach. So now the Pacers turn the page and they look ahead and look for that new voice that Larry’s looking for, and well see whether or not that new direction is actually a better direction or not.”
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