Bart Scott dropped by CBS Sports Radio on Friday to discuss a whole bunch of celebrity gossip and, eventually, a little bit of NFL football.

Gregg Giannotti and Brian Jones, who relish visits from Scott, wouldn’t have it any other way.

After discussing Jay Z’s alleged infidelity, among other topics, Scott weighed in on Laremy Tunsil and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

We’ll start with Tunsil.

“To tell you the truth, I felt bad for the kid,” Scott said on Gio and Jones, referring to the Ole Miss product’s nightmarish draft experience. “Most guys in college have been in that situation. Most guys in college experiment with drugs. We don’t know how old that picture was and somebody probably was trying to blackmail him or hold him hostage. To be able to put that out 13 minutes before he’s going to get drafted, you think how spiteful some people can be.”

Tunsil, considered by many the top prospect in this year’s draft, went 13th to Miami.

“He still fell into a great situation,” Scott said. “I feel like he may have lost a little money, but there’s no state taxes.”

Fitzpatrick, meanwhile, is still looking for a contract. But not just any contract; a contract more lucrative that any team, including New York, is willing to offer.

“There’s a lot of people underpaid in this league, there’s a lot of people overpaid,” Scott said. “What happens is, when you have leverage, that’s when you cash in. When you don’t have leverage, you can’t cash in. To be able to cash in, you have to have more than one partner. You got to be able to have somebody else (interested so) that you can say, ‘If you don’t like me, they like me over here.’”

Fitzpatrick, 33, doesn’t have that.

“He lost that leverage once (the Broncos) drafted Paxton Lynch,” Scott said. “When you play chicken, you got to be willing to go all the way. At some point, the team (says), ‘We’re tired of the distraction. We’re moving forward.’ And you give somebody else, the other guys, the young guys, another opportunity. (You say), ‘Maybe we could win with Geno (Smith). He’s not a distraction. His contract’s up after this year. We got a tough schedule coming up. We don’t know how well we’re going to do with this schedule.’”

The Jets play six of their first nine games on the road, and two of their first three home games are against Cincinnati and Seattle.

“It’s pivotal that they get off to a fast start,” Scott said. “They could get to Game 9 and be out of the playoff race. Six of their first nine are on the road and they’re opening up with Cincinnati at home? Hey man, that’s tough sledding – with or without Ryan Fitzpatrick.”


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