STU JACKSON – 5/9/16
NBA TV analyst

“Given the level of player that he was, the pedigree that he beings and dare I say the coaches he has worked with – most recently Steve Clifford – he has the resume to be a head-coaching candidate and he has the resume to be a head coach in the NBA and be successful. To me, he’s got the formula. He’s a very good interpersonal communicator, very hard worker. I don’t want to think negatively. He’s going to get a shot at some point. I just don’t know when.”
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BOBBY MARKS – 5/10/16
The Vertical front office insider

“I think that’s where we’re looking. Unless it’s going to be Frank Vogel, that’s where we’re looking. We’ll define the Phil Jackson era with his coaching hires. It’s not going to be what he’s done in the draft with (Kristaps) Porzingis or with Carmelo Anthony from a trading standpoint or what he’s going to do in free agency. The Phil Jackson era is going to be defined with Derek Fisher and, if it’s Kurt Rambis, Kurt Rambis. He’s kind of putting all his eggs in the basket. If the Rambis situation doesn’t work, then where do you go? Who does he turn to? Is it somebody outside the tree? That’s going to be three head coaches in, what, three or four years here.”
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14-year NBA veteran

“I think they just got too much firepower over there with those guys and I think the mindset with where they are right now and then having LeBron, who’s been there multiple times, he understands what it takes. He’s the true leader. He’s really grown up tremendously and I’m loving the way he’s directing his team and allowed everybody to be who they are. That’s the only way they’re going to win. . . . I wouldn’t be surprised if Steph (and the Warriors repeat), but the way it’s playing out, I think Cleveland could be the last team standing.”
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Fox Sports Thunder studio analyst

“It’s not about just Kevin Durant. It’s not about just Russell Westbrook. It’s about the other guys around them and that makes this a complete team. San Antonio can’t just focus on Russ. They can’t just focus on KD. Now you have to worry about Enes Kanter. Now you have to worry about Steven Adams. You have to worry about Serge Ibaka stretching the floor and also what Dion Waiters and Enes Kanter together are bringing off the bench.”
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CHRIS MANNIX – 5/13/16
Yahoo! Sports and The Vertical NBA senior writer

“At the same time, they have not been the same defensive team that they were last year and years prior under Scott Brooks. So there has been a bit of a trade-off there, but obviously the tradeoff has been successful because they were able to win last night.”
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BART SCOTT – 5/13/16
Former NFL LB

“What happens is, when you have leverage, that’s when you cash in. When you don’t have leverage, you can’t cash in. To be able to cash in, you have to have more than one partner. You got to be able to have somebody else (interested so) that you can say, ‘If you don’t like me, they like me over here.’”
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