ROD HIGGINS – 5/16/16
Former NBA player and executive

“Fantastic player. I think he has a brand that kind of identifies with the average person. How tall are you guys? Maybe you can look at Steph and say, ‘Man, I can do some of the stuff that Steph does.’ As hard as he works on his ball-handling and his shooting, the average kid can do that. The average person can do that. The average person can’t be LeBron James or Kevin Durant. (LeBron is) 6-8, 250. Kevin Durant is 6-11. Heck of a player. But you kind of get my drift. Steph appeals to the average athlete.”
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LIL B – 5/17/16

“I’m not against Kevin Durant. I’m not like, ‘Yes, he’s losing.’ That’s not the thing. When he’s playing hard and these guys are playing hard, it’s about who’s playing the best basketball.”
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Former NBA PG

“I feel like Cleveland is a tough team. Cleveland has been clicking on all cylinders. I think Toronto has a shot, but I’m not so sure about having a shot tonight. I think they can keep it close, but I would say Cleveland tonight and overall in this series – I’m going to call for Cleveland in maybe six. Cleveland is a tough team, man.”
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JEFF PHELPS – 5/18/16
FOX Sports Ohio host

“I think they’d probably be in the Eastern Conference Finals, but I don’t know that they would be playing the same way that they are and as effectively. I think when the move was made, the move was not made because they weren’t winning – because they were 30-11 when Coach Blatt was let go. But the minute that Ty Lue took over, he said some of the things that he wanted to do. He wanted to push the tempo, he wanted to create better opportunities in the offense, play a little easier offense. That’s what we’ve seen on display in the playoffs.”
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A.C. GREEN – 5/18/16
NBA legend

“I have no problem with it. I think it’s smart. You have to really know the car you got in your garage. You got to know the horse you have in your stable. Seeing how guys are wired today, what’s going to give the team the most advantage, you got to keep your guys healthy and you got to keep them fresh. If you need to rest them, just rest them until you absolutely have to have them.”
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CRAIG EHLO – 5/19/16
Former Cavs guard

“It seems like that magic moment kind of gave them the upper hand on us. We played them in the conference finals in ’92 and we lost in six games. I think we felt like we just couldn’t get past it. That was part of it. It was hard to live with.”
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CBS Sports Network basketball analyst

“It starts with your preparation – eating, (being in) the weight room, (and being) mentally (in tune) with your life off the court. For me, it was all about being a family man. I was married early on. That kept me on the straight and narrow. That kept me focused on basketball. Every guy does it differently (and does) whatever works for them in order to be prepared and to be locked in when that game starts.”
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MATT BONNER – 5/20/16
Spurs forward

“This year, we had pretty high expectations going into playoffs after winning 67 games in the regular season, which was a franchise record. We had a great group of guys and wanted to try to do something special – like we do every year. It just didn’t work out for us. The Oklahoma City Thunder played great.”
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