CHRIS GRANT – 5/23/16
Former Cavs GM

“That same year, we added Tristan Thompson and we kept adding draft picks and more assets. As we got down the road, we had no idea that (James) would return, but we felt like if we built the team with young, high-variance talented players that were on rookie deals, we’d have a chance to have good young players like Kyrie and Tristan and some of the others and also have cap space.”
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CHRIS MEDINA – 5/24/16

“What’s troublesome is my personal life, family-type situations. I got two kids. I have a 17-year-old and a 16-year-old. Knowing certain things that are going on, feeling that type of stuff, relationships suffer a lot. Public-wise, it’s easy to put that on the (back burner). Personal life, not so much.”
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MICHAEL CAGE – 5/25/16
Fox Sports Oklahoma NBA analyst

“When I saw it – I saw it live – I thought he should have been ejected right away. When I saw the review, it got worse. It should have been a flagrant 2 and an ejection. I thought it would have probably served him well being ejected from Game 3 than to get the flagrant 1, remain in the game and then have the anxieties over whether or not he’s going to play.”
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WORLD B. FREE – 5/26/16
Former NBA player

“They are the champions and you do have to knock the champion out, but they’re playing against a well-oiled machine right now. Westbrook, the guy is playing out of his mind and he goes 2,000 miles an hour. Kevin Durant is a clutch guy and they’re getting help from those other guys. It’s going to be very tough for Golden State.”
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MARK PRICE – 5/27/16
Former NBA All Star

“In college, I can kind of make guys come in at a certain time and treat them like college guys. But when you’re on the pro level and you’re dealing with grown men, sometimes all you can do is hope that guys are going to do the right things, but you can’t really control that.”
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