MLB analyst

“I thought it was obvious, and the rules state if the umpire thinks he does it on purpose, he doesn’t have to have a warning to eject the player. So you may see more of those ejections, certainly coming right on the heels of that episode in Texas. But I don’t blame the umpire in this case at all, and I don’t expect consistency when you’re looking at something that’s so subjective.”
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Davidson head coach

“He gets better and better and better. Who can you say actually wins the MVP but receives votes for the Most Improved Player in the same year? Steph Curry. So he’s a great model of excellence for hard work, for being an average-sized human being, to achieve greatness and live a dream.”
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NBA champion

For the present, yes. Copy-cat league is a cliche about the NBA, and this is no exception. Teams are trying to get more perimeter-shooting bigs, movement, the whole package. There’s still a place for smash-mouth basketball. Some teams will come forth with a team that just dominates the inside and plays inside-out rather than outside-in, and some teams will copy that too in the future. But right now, it’s a perimeter game and everybody wants to be like somebody else.”
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DREW BREES – 6/3/16
Saints QB

“Again, that was our No. 1 priority from the last negotiations was player health and safety – not just for the guys moving forward, but reaching back and trying to help the guys that came before us.”
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NBA Radio analyst

“It can’t be shooting 20 to get 20. Hell, you better shoot 30 to get 30 if that’s what you’re going to do. They got to be more efficient and you just missed a night where those cats (Curry and Thompson) looked like they were human for a change. Those are the things that drive you crazy.”
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