Former boxer 

“That’s what a lot of people didn’t know. Even if you did trap him and you hit him with a good shot, he could take it. He had a good jaw. He had everything. Some guys have one thing or two things. Muhammad Ali had everything. The world lost a great man. There will never be another one like him, I’ll tell you that.”
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Former NBA All-Star

“LeBron James, as great as he is, he does not have a signature shot. He does a lot of things, he’s tremendous, shoots the three, puts the ball on the ground, he can post up at times, also has a midrange (game). But when you need a bucket from LeBron James, where do you go to? Do you go to the block? Do you go to screen-and-roll? He doesn’t have a Stockton-Malone ensured play to get me a bucket.”
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NBA Radio analyst and 17-year NBA vet

“But he earned it. The guy had success as a head coach in Seattle and in Portland. Obviously did some things wrong, rubbed some people the wrong way probably at times, and they were hesitant to hire him because of his honesty and his brashness as a coach. But I think he’s learned over there by sitting next to Frank Vogel and getting better.”
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BILL REITER – 6/8/16
CBS Sports columnist

“And a lot of that is the Eastern Conference and just how bad that conference remains. The Cavaliers were a force int terms of three-point shooting in the Eastern Conference throughout the postseason. They’re shooting 27 percent from the three-point line against the Warriors. They held opponents in (11) of their 14 games to fewer (than 100) points. The Warriors obviously have had no trouble scoring. Go down the list, guys. It’s almost like that run through the Eastern Conference was a run through some kind of minor league NBA.”
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ROD THORN – 6/9/16
Former NBA GM

“As you guys know, players are so competitive. You don’t want to go in your locker room and say, ‘Well, I have a little headache. I’m not going to play.’ A player’s going to play. It could be to the long-term detriment of the player, and it could even to some of the short-term detriment to the player. So you’ve got to protect players.”
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Pacers head coach

“David West is gone, Roy Hibbert is gone, Lance Stephenson is gone. This year, we played a different brand of basketball. We wanted to speed up the pace. The last three years that I’ve been here, we’ve been more of a smash-mouth team, a physical team, a half-court, great defensive team – and that changed this season because we changed our personnel. I’ll look at what we are able to do in the draft and who we’re able to pick up in free agency, and that will determine the style of play that we will be able to play. The main thing is to put your players in a position where they can be productive and do some good things. All of that depends on your personnel.”
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Weight-loss expert

“They are typically in denial over eating, and the perception they have about the amount of food is so way off that they think this is normal eating. This is a challenge for them to make those changes. As you noticed, a lot of times they can’t. The only solution for them becomes surgery.”
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