Former Cavs All-Star

“I think that starts with being solid defensively, being more disciplined on the offensive side of the ball as well as the defensive side of the ball, and we have to make shots. We have to get a lot of other guys engaged in the game. We have to win the rebounding wars, we got to win the second-chance points, we got to win the 50-50 balls, we have to win the points in the paint, and most of all, we’ve got to get our shooting percentage up. When our shooting percentage is up and we get to this magic number of 23-plus assists, we have been very, very good and just about unbeatable when we get to those numbers. I think that is the kind of effort that we will have to have to bring Game 6 back to The Q.”
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GEORGE KARL – 6/14/16
Former Kings head coach

“I think (they) should probably get him on there to let him talk that out. For me, I’ve kind of put it in my rear-view mirror and I’m ready to move on. In a lot of ways, I think we won more games than they won the year before.”
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NBA TV host and reporter

“They’re so good, but they just go and freestyle and win games and that doesn’t give you a feeling that, ‘Okay, we’re going to be able to go and do that again.’ Meanwhile, the Warriors stay true to their identity. Even when they lose, they look like the Warriors, so you understand how they’re trying to play the game – and that’s what’s got to be frustrating for Cavs fans.”
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DWANE CASEY – 6/16/16
Raptors head coach

“Kyle Lowry had an outstanding year, DeMar DeRozan had an outstanding year, Bismack Biyombo had a career year, Cory Joseph came in and had a career year. So we had some guys who had career seasons for us this year, so a lot of good things fell in place for us. Again, we’re proud, but we’re not satisfied.”
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KEVIN MILLAR – 6/17/16
MLB Network analyst

“It’s been like that for many years. We get caught up a little bit in that whole (idea of) ‘Let’s try to make baseball fun’ or whatever that is. There’s a fine line: What’s fun and what’s showing up the opposing player? I mean, if you hit a major league home run, it’s okay to be excited. It’s okay to get into your home-run trot. That’s why they have the home-run trot. It’s okay to let everybody kind of know, ‘Hey, man, that’s a special moment.’
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Former NBA All-Star and current Raptors assistant coach

“You don’t have to be in the other team’s city for three straight games and the space that they put between games on the travel day, I think that’s a good thing. It just gives you a chance for the best team to win and give them the best opportunity to be rested and not have any excuses. But those conspiracy theories are always going to be there. Because I was on the losing end of it, I’m not going to squelch all of the (conspiracy theories). I’m still kind of on board with some of them.”
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