FRANK VOGEL – 6/20/16
Magic head coach

“I certainly wasn’t happy with the decision to be let go, but he’s been so good to me and is really a close friend. He gave me the opportunity of a lifetime a couple years back. Larry does things a little bit differently, so all that stuff that a lot of people were offended by, I was not offended by. You have to know Larry to understand that’s the way he does things sometimes. You have to respect him for making a difficult decision.”
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GARY PARRISH – 6/21/16
CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst

“They got at least two special, uniquely talented guys in LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Look at Golden State. Steph Curry is uniquely gifted, Draymond Green is uniquely gifted, Klay Thompson is uniquely gifted. We might not have seen that coming out of college, but undeniably at this point, those guys are uniquely gifted. So general mangers are forever looking at those guys.”
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ANDY BASKIN – 6/22/16
Cleveland’s 92.3 The Fan host

“Then I watched him do his interview with LeBron after (Game 7), and he was just in tears. If there’s one guy that I really just cherish every moment for, it’s Austin Carr, who wasn’t born in Cleveland but became a Clevelander and stayed in Cleveland for his career after basketball. That would be the other guy.”
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BILLY KING – 6/22/16
Former Nets GM

“That year, Brook Lopez got hurt at the beginning of the season. If you add him, I think we would have been a better (team). Deron Williams didn’t start out because he was hurt. We took a calculated gamble and it didn’t work. So when you work for owners in any sport, it’s their team and you try to go with their guidance and what they want to do, and then you try to educate them and you try to advise them. But at the end of the day, it’s their call.”
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JASON GOFF – 6/23/16
Chicago’s 670 The Score host

“It seems like they’re in a rolling transition with Carmelo Anthony getting a little bit older and Kristaps Porzingis being the future. I’m sure they want to give it one more go. Why not try to get Derrick Rose and maybe Dwight Howard in the mix as well to give it one more shot?”
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CBS Sports Network college basketball analyst

“Both of them. I’d rather go to the Lakers because Philadelphia is not in a good place. The Lakers are a franchise that has had a lot of great history and obviously a lot of history of winning, so I would want to go there to start my career. I think my career would go to higher, loftier places in a franchise like L.A., as opposed to Philadelphia with where they’re at right now.”
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VIN PARISE – 6/24/16
Fox Sports college basketball analyst

“After you get past the top handful or so, I think even by mid-first round, it’s a lot of (adding) little pieces to the puzzle. I think you see some guys who could have some good backup roles. But I think at the top, I think the roster is dramatically improved, especially when you look at Los Angeles and Minnesota. It’ll be fun to see these rosters develop the next few seasons.”
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KEN BERGER – 6/24/16
CBS Sports NBA insider 

“But nonetheless, this is another one of those examples. There’s 20 teams or so that are going to have max room or will easily be able to acquire max room. It may even be more by the time we get to July 1. Somebody’s got to get that money. It’s going to be a similar situation to the Knicks with Derrick Rose, where the money – in the environment we’re in with the cap rising as much as it is – is not going to be a deterrent. It’s just going to be, ‘Listen, we have to get a player in here.’”
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