BOBBY MARKS – 6/27/16
The Vertical analyst

“Does he go the one-year route that a lot of us think might be in play to get his years of service up to 10 and then next year he can really cash out? Can you win a championship going forward? I think that eliminates more than a handful of teams here, and then there’s also that stability factor and just how challenging it’s going to be for them to fit him in (from) a cap standpoint. Most of these teams that he will meet with will have to really gut a little bit of their roster outside of Oklahoma City and Boston.”
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Fox Sports Oklahoma analyst

“I don’t know anymore than anyone else knows as far as his free agency goes, but being a former player, the two reasons that you leave (are) the reasons for him to come back. You only leave for two reasons: You leave for financial purposes, and you leave for greener pastures – and both of those are in Oklahoma City. So from my point of view, I have no idea what he’s doing, but I would be very, very, very surprised if he left.”
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OTIS WILSON – 6/29/16
Former Bear

“If you think about it, the 46 was almost like the knockout punch. You set them up in the 4-3 and you’re playing the run more so in that defense. When he figured he got you on the ropes and he wants to make that quarterback very uncomfortable, he’ll switch it to the 46.”
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PHIL STEELE – 6/29/16
College football analyst

“He’s just got to improve on that 53.8 completion percentage. But we do see quarterbacks improve as they gain experience. I think he’ll be an improved QB this year, and if you’re a defensive coordinator, you’re worried about stopping Leonard Fournette. That should open up the short passing game for them. I think he’s surrounded by talent. I look for Brandon Harris not to have a great year, but all he has to do is have a good year and that LSU offense will be very potent.”
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HOWARD BECK – 6/30/16
Bleacher Report senior NBA writer

“Nobody will say that with 100 percent certainty, but the sense everyone gets is he is still Oklahoma’s to lose and he’s going into these meetings with an approach of, ‘Tell me why I should leave.’ Unless somebody blows him away, he probably won’t leave. That’s the sense. People could be wrong. Durant has played this very close to the vest. He’s kept his circle tight, and no one knows for sure.”
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Former MLB outfielder

“I’ve gotten some great feedback from it and that makes me feel good because I know it’s a good book, it’s an honest book and it’s going to be a book like no one has ever read before.”
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