Washington Post NBA writer

“This whole (idea) that he’s trotted out that he might go somewhere, I don’t know anybody in the league that really believes it. The bottom line is, if the Heat couldn’t get Kevin Durant, they were going to pay Dwyane Wade a bunch of money. They couldn’t get Kevin Durant and now they’re going to pay Dwyane Wade a bunch of money. If he wants to go play for the Cavs for $3 million, I think the Heat will say ‘God bless you.’ They’re going to give him $20 million. I thought the whole time that this was just him kind of stirring the pot a little bit to make sure he got paid. I’m sure he’ll be back in Miami again just like he was last summer – and just like he has been a couple other times when he’s had some issues with some the contracts they’ve initially offered him. But I’d be stunned if he wound up playing somewhere else.”
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Former Mets GM

“I think that the second Wild Card has made it that much more difficult on general managers because it’s one thing to say let’s go for the Wild Card spot when there’s one team and you’ve got a chance at a full series. But what you’re effectively doing now is you’re trying to add to play one game and hope that you win the one game. It’s tough.”
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Hoopscritic.com founder

“So I do think they end up coming to some kind of agreement. What would have been interesting here is that if the Knicks had held out some cap space. I actually think that would have been a viable place for him to go with Rose and Anthony, and there would have been no better way to stick it to Pat Riley than to leave Miami and go play for Phil Jackson in New York.”
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LARRY RILEY – 7/7/16
Former Warriors GM

“I have a little bit of concern that we should have a little bit more parity. The West in general is very good. When Miami came up with their Big Three, however, nobody just said, ‘We’re going to roll over and hand you the title.’ They had to go earn it, and you have to go earn championships regardless of who is on your roster.”
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BRIAN KENNY – 7/7/16
MLB Network host

“And not just because, ‘Oh, these millennials have no attention span.’ No, how was the game played in the ’40s, ’50s, ’60s and ’70s? They played it in two hours, two-and-a-half hours. It was crisp. It moved along. Guys got in the box and they stayed there and you knew as a viewer, ‘Okay, I’m at least going to get some sustained action now.’ I know it’s not the fastest sport in the world, it’s not a spectacle, but it happens when a guy steps in the box. I think we need to get back to that – not the length of the game, but the pace of the game.”
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PGA golfer

“It seems like it’s hard to figure out who the best player in the world is right now. For so long, we really had these big stretches of guys like Nick Price and Faldo and Norman and then Tiger– we always seemed to know who the best player was. Nowadays you have to look at it from four-week increments and go, ‘This is the best guy in the world. This is the best guy in the world.’ It just seems that Jason Day and DJ (Dustin Johnson) and Rory and Jordan – there’s just a lot of guys who have incredible games and are playing really well.”
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NBA Radio host and Heat sideline reporter

“I’ll lay that down without issue. We’ll put that in some cement and let that harden up. Absolutely. The Heat love (Wade) even to this day. The love and adoration and appreciate for Dwyane Wade will never change, has not changed, and throughout the process didn’t change. There was no desire to let him go. I’m starting to read all the capologists and the brainiacs and the analytic (people) all trying to note how this may be awesome for 2017. It’s not awesome now.”
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