Von Miller and the Denver Broncos remain at a contract impasse, with Miller refusing to sign a franchise tag that would pay him $14.1 million in 2016. But fear not, Broncos fans. Jason La Canfora expects the two sides to reach an agreement.

“I put this around 90 or 95 percent,” the CBS Sports NFL insider said on CBS Sports Radio’s Gio and Jones. “They’ve come so far. it’s been acrimonious. It’s been testy. There’s been times where each side has been sort of perturbed by the other. It’s been a highly public negotiation, which is pretty rare when you’re talking about a contract of this magnitude. But in the end, common sense prevails sometimes in this league, and the prevailing thought is this has to get done – and it will get done. They’re already over $60 million guaranteed and they’ll play around with some of the trigger dates when parts of the contract become fully guaranteed, But he’s going to be, on many levels, the highest-paid defensive player in the history of the game – and that was pretty clear through that transcendent playoff run. He was the breakout star of the entire NFL postseason and this is a team that doesn’t really have a quarterback and is trying to win with defense. And you’re going to tell me that they’re going to let their best defensive player – and arguably the best defensive player in the league – leave over a few million bucks at this point? I just don’t see it happening.”

Miller, 27, has 60 sacks, 16 forced fumbles, five fumble recoveries and one pick-six in five NFL seasons. He had 11 tackles, 5.0 sacks, two forced fumbles and a pick in Denver’s playoff wins over New England and Carolina and was named Super Bowl 50 MVP.

He deserves to get paid.

Then again, the Broncos have stuck by Miller though some legal and off-field issues. Perhaps Miller should return the favor and be loyal to Denver?

La Canfora says eh.

“Ultimately, it’s the player who’s doing the work,” he said. “Think about how much criticism the 49ers reaped for standing by Aldon Smith. Now Aldon Smith did a lot of things far more extreme than Von Miller but was also a transcendent talent and they stood by him all the way up to the last arrest. I don’t know. I guess I cringe a little bit because that’s kind of self-serving. These teams obviously want these guys to succeed on many levels, most of which is pretty self-serving on their end. And pretty much the totality of Von Miller’s contract, he’s been an extreme bargain because that’s just the way the CBA works for entry-level players. So it really required him to be the guy to stay out of trouble, to change up (the people around him), to go get a life coach. That system is so Draconian once you get in it, the substance-abuse program, and how often you’re tested. For him to have been able to come out on the other end and not even be in the program anymore, that’s an extreme rarity. I think he’s probably looking at it saying, ‘Wait a minute, I did the work on the field and off the field. We saw what Suh got. We see what Marcell Dareus gets, guys like Fletcher Cox who aren’t as accomplished as me, now Olivier Vernon. I’m really going to have to fight and scrap and claw to beat those contracts by a little bit after I just gave you a Super Bowl?’”


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