CBS Sports NFL insider

“They’ve come so far. it’s been acrimonious. It’s been testy. There’s been times where each side has been sort of perturbed by the other. It’s been a highly public negotiation, which is pretty rare when you’re talking about a contract of this magnitude. But in the end, common sense prevails sometimes in this league, and the prevailing thought is this has to get done – and it will get done. They’re already over $60 million guaranteed and they’ll play around with some of the trigger dates when parts of the contract become fully guaranteed, But he’s going to be, on many levels, the highest-paid defensive player in the history of the game – and that was pretty clear through that transcendent playoff run. He was the breakout star of the entire NFL postseason and this is a team that doesn’t really have a quarterback and is trying to win with defense. And you’re going to tell me that they’re going to let their best defensive player – and arguably the best defensive player in the league – leave over a few million bucks at this point? I just don’t see it happening.”
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RICK HORROW – 7/12/16
Sports Business analyst

“Logistically, if I had everything coordinated for me, I might consider it. But it’s one of those things that I’m not going. It’s the first Olympics I’m missing in the last seven.”
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TROY GARITY – 7/13/16

“He brings it. Him and Dwayne, they share some passionate moments on screen. The first episode begins. We see that Dwayne’s financial-management company has become successful, which brings out adversaries. We meet Andy Garcia, who has his own financial management company, and I talk Dwayne into going to war with Andy, and all sorts of problems and violence ensue from there.”
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“It’s an increasingly violence world, a pretty unpredictable place. How can we make people feel perhaps a little bit better that they have a fighting chance? I’ve always been taught that you have – probably within two feet of your radius – something that could help you whether you think of it as a weapon or not.”
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Former MLB manager

“He’s a really strong guy. He’s of the strongest people I’ve ever been around, and he’s one of the best hitters. He can take batting practice on the left-field line whenever he wants it and the right-field line whenever he wants it and not a lot of big guys can do that. He loves the game of baseball and he’s having a spectacular year. Many people are going to say it can’t be his last year if he’s going to play at this level, but let’s just say it is a spectacular year.”
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UFC fighter

“My emotion comes from if someone’s giving me some inkling that they don’t want to fight or that they are not 100 percent confident or they’re overconfident. I vibe off those emotions, but I don’t really fight for the war. I want to dominate the guy. I want to go out there, hit, not get hit, and I want to go out there and put on a performance. I want to be able to fight again. I don’t want to be banged up and stuff like that. I think guys that fight with that emotion within that fight, they get caught up in the bloody war.”
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