JON ANIK – 7/18/16
UFC commentator

“There is a little pill in the deal that for a guy like Brock Lesnar, if the situation would be manifestly unfair to the athletes, they can waive that four-week window. In Brock Lesnar’s case, unfair (means) financial. He was going to make all this money, so they waived that exemption for him. He passed three tests allegedly and then on June 28th he popped for a substance to be determined.”
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ANN LIGUORI – 7/18/16
CBS Sports golf correspondent

“But 11 times, Phil has been a runner-up in a major championship. Eleven times. It just shows how good he is. Jack Nicklaus, for the 18 majors that he won, he’s been runner-up 19 times in major championships. So hey, you got to be in it to win it, right? Phil has gotten close so many times, and it just shows how impressive Mickelson is. So it was just a classic confrontation, and it was highly entertaining. It was probably the most compelling showdown I’ve ever watched. It was really special.”
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PETE MUNDO – 7/19/16
Heartland College Sports writer

“From what I know, he has restorations about the religious aspect of the university and coaching at a religious institution. Maybe he’s also hedging his bets a little bit, seeing what happens with Texas and also at Texas A&M. But I have no doubt that his camp has spoken with Baylor about the job.”
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Olympic gold medalist

“I’m pretty confident with that, and with everything else you just take the precautions. I’ve done my research and I’m really excited to be going over there. I think with every Olympic Games, there’s always some kind of concern, but you try to kind of put that besides you and realize and remember why you’re going: the excitement of the Olympic Games and the athletes. It’s been such a huge passion of mine, ever since I was a little girl.”
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WILL BRINSON – 7/19/16
CBS Sports NFL writer

“But three home games against the Texans, Bills and Dolphins – 3-1 is not out of the question, and 2-2, I think you feel pretty good if you’re the Patriots. I think a lot of eyes are going to be on Jimmy G as we head towards the 2016 season.”
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JIM LEYLAND – 7/20/16
Former MLB manager

“Rob truly loves the game and he wants to make it as good as he possibly can and that’s for the fans. Those are the people that pay the tickets. We have so much respect for them. They spend their hard-earned money with us. People have so much vacation money or luxury money or whatever you want to call it and we want to get them to spend that money with us as much as we can. And Rob cares about the game and he cares about the people in the game and I think that’s the most important thing.”
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USA Today sports writer 

“For the most part, the crack users don’t seem to be violent towards visitors. A lot of the time they’re really focused on trying to collect the recycled cans and bottles, which they use to turn into just a few cents in cash. They then use that to get their next hit.”
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KIRBY WILSON – 7/21/16
Browns RB coach

“Unfortunately, that’s the way it is. Guys will make comments. Guys will have an opinion and they’d rather keep it to themselves than appear disgruntled. Everyone loves their job, everyone wants to provide for their family. No one wants to be labeled as a malcontent or someone who’s always unhappy or disappointed and angry and upset – and that’s not the case. A lot of guys are just kind of speaking about what they believe is the truth and what they see. You just go by what you see. At the end of the day, that’s what it boils down to. You go by what you see. Whether that is accurate or not, you go by what you see, and sometimes perception is reality in all of our worlds. But as I’ve said, you can’t be concerned with those things. You got to work hard. You got to just stay focused and control the things that you can control – which is your work ethic, your hard work and your ability to lead people, to lead men and do your job to the best of your ability. You hope at the end of the day, that’s enough.”
Entire Story

NFL Network analyst

“Oklahoma got to the semifinals last year and they had a great run last year. It was benefitted by the fact that Baylor was good, TCU was good, Oklahoma State was 10-0 at one point. So adding two more teams could only help and strengthen that conference.”
Entire Story

ADAM ZUCKER – 7/22/16
CBS College Football Today host

“Even if they say you don’t have to go, you show up, you walk Radio Row, you’ll get mobbed, robes will be given to you, rose petals will be thrown at your feet, everybody that you know and love from the radio world is there – it’s almost like the end of Big Fish when the guy’s getting carried to the lake.”
Entire Story


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