JIM DUQUETTE – 7/25/16
Former MLB GM

“The talent is too good. If this was a borderline player or a marginal player, yeah, I think I’d probably back off. But this guy, he’s a tremendous pitcher. I’ve interviewed him a couple different times. He’s very engaging and well-spoken, but he has a little edge to him like a lot of these good pitchers do. So you know that coming in.”
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SEAN CASEY – 7/26/16
MLB Network analyst

“But adding Chapman? Their bullpen was already pretty impressive, and I think the one thing that adding Chapman does is – they have the great starting pitching, but the days when the starters aren’t so great, you can go to that bullpen earlier and shorten the game with a guy like Chapman that just is lights out in the ninth inning. So it definitely propels the Cubs to another level, and they were already kind of at the top of the heap.”
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RANDY CROSS – 7/27/16
CBS Sports Network college football analyst

“Those that forget what Jim Harbaugh can do didn’t pay attention to him in San Francisco and definitely didn’t pay attention to him when he was at Stanford and brought Stanford to where David Shaw’s got them right now as a perennial power in the country. Am I shocked that he’s doing this fast? Heck no. He has that effect on the football program, the mentality of the program and also the talent level of the program.”
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Chairman of USA Basketball and 76ers special advisor

“We’re playing competition based on who was available on their way to Rio, and it’s not the strongest of competition. Our first three games have been runaways. So what we’re trying to do is use these exhibitors to get ourselves in shape and prepare ourselves for Rio.You have to stay on the course and not veer off very far. So I think (Krzyzewski) wants to bring in the reins a little bit.”
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ESPN and SEC Network college football analyst

“That’s why when you look at the relationship between law enforcement and citizens, there’s blame to go around on both parts. Communication goes both ways. I’m a married man. I’ve been married almost 10 years and one of the great lessons I’ve learned about marriage from a lot of guys that have been married 20, 30 years, it’s really simple. It’s communication. Talk, man. Open your mouth and talk. I think when police officers and citizens do these things, you’ll get a lot accomplished.”
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Virginia football head coach

“I just watched us practice, and when we go from our 1s to our 2s, there’s a pretty significant drop-off. I like our 22 guys. We’ve got nine scholarship seniors that I think are really good college football players. The problem is, we only got nine. We’ve got a little bit of a younger roster here. In order for us to have a chance to be competitive week in and week out throughout a 12-game season, those guys are going to have to fill in spots and play at a high level, whether it’s on special teams or offense or defense. To me, that’s our biggest issue right now.”
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USA Today MLB columnist

“Cleveland wants him, the Texas Rangers want him, the Mets want him. I think it goes down to the last hour here. I think if it happens, it doesn’t happen until Monday morning or Monday afternoon. They definitely want to move him. It’s just a question of where.”
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